FAB MUSIC: D’Angelo delivers Black Messiah – it’s everything

I know we wrapped up in the final days of holiday shopping but I had to mention that one of my ALL TIME faves dropped an album, and it is (upon three total listens) one of the best projects of 2014. Yes, I’m talking about Black Messiah by D’Angelo and the Vanguard. 

Now, I’m not a music reviewer (you know, I do the fashion thing) but I know what I like. And, I like this album. This project is a wonderful recap of D’Angelo after 14 years. He hasn’t lost a step. The lyrics are solid with tastes of sexy appeal, soul, and simplicity. The addition of LIVE instruments helps the project stand out. Questlove, a FabGlance fave, provides the drums for the album and his signature is all over it!

After 14 years of tempting us with snippets, surprise appearances, and interviews (here & there) most thought D’Angelo had gone the way of Lauryn Hill – a classic artist that we’d reminisce upon. D’Angelo’s type of music is not one that plays well in today’s landscape. He brings back the the days of buying the WHOLE album and listening to each song as part of a total project.
So, you looking for a gift someone with something awesome, consider buying Black Messiah.

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