STYLE: Fashion Bomb Daily – Holiday Cocktail Party

#OOTD: Holiday Cocktails With a Friends
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I’m so happy to share this look with you. Yesterday, my blog mentor (in my head) Claire, from Fashion Bomb Daily requested fans to share holiday cocktail party looks  that incorporated silver, gold, and white as inspiration for her upcoming event, ‘Cocktails With Claire’ sponsored by Nivea.

Quickly, I whipped together this simply chic holiday look anchored by this STUNNING Alice +Olivia cropped sequin top and John Lewis pleated sequin skirt. I didn’t know if the Fashion Bomb staff would choose my look, but sure enough, moments after I posted the look on my Instagram account (you following me? Well you should!), the Fashion Bomb posted the look on their Instagram feed! YUP! Momma – I made it! LOL!

Would you rock it?

Seriously, the love from the Fashion Bomb fans is overwhelming: 4200+ likes on Instagram, 1200 likes on Facebook, and tons of comments! Claire has really paved the way for independent fashion bloggers gaining success and being sponsored by major brands. It’ll be great when I’m in that lane as well! Thanks for sharing my look Claire!

View the complete story  – HERE


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