5 Trends to try this Winter

FAB FIVE: Winter Trends

The weather has officially dropped. Even in Tennessee, I’m waking up to frost on my car and 20 degree days. This weather just makes you wanna say “Forget fashion! I’m living in leggings and a thermal!” But NO, don’t do it! Hold it down in fashion town by adding these trends to your cold looks. Check my fave winter fashion trends below:

Suede – Leather looks are always in, but suede is leather’s fancy cousin. The colors are much more RICH when executed on suede. Wearing suede adds an element of luxury to your look. Most people get scared of wearing suede because it can be a hassle when it come to care. But, if you find a good professional cleaner, your all good. Start simple by adding suede gloves, a purse/handbag, or a skirt. I have this suede skirt that I purchased from Goodwill, it has done me a great service. So add suede to you cold weather looks. (source)


Winter White – Fashion is all about breaking and changing rules. There was a time when we were told to put away light colors during the dreary days of winter. That’s not the case anymore. Wearing white, pale grey, or pastels, in the winter is the new hot trend. The KEY is layering effectively. Above, my fave blogger, FIGTNY, always illustrates how to layer but have a minimalistic result. She still looks warm – and she lives in New York! You can do it too. (source)

Logo and Graphic Sweatshirts – Slowly but surely, sweatshirts have re-entered the fashion field as a legit staple in our wardrobe. Of course, we fashionistas up the ante by adding catch phrases and bold graphics. Stay warm and stay fab by adding a gorgeous sweatshirt to your wardrobe this winter. (source)

Luxury Joggers – Just like sweatshirts, sweatpants, or JOGGERS are on the scene too. Not just for working out, luxury jogger made from cashmere, wool, leather, or a combo are the not hotness. You can wear them with sneakers or heels and you’ll still look fly. Oh yeah . . . and be warm! (source)

Over-sized Coats – Back in the 80’s the oversized boxy coat was all the rage. What’s old is new again! Over-sized coats are a great way to stay warm and be stylish. Focus on finding coats with beautiful texture and visual appeal. You can stick with black, but I’d go for trendy color like grey, camel, evergreen, or pale pink. (source)

Which of these trends will try this winter? Hit me up in the comments section!

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