#OOTD: What to wear to a Superbowl Party (2015)

It’s Superbowl weekend! It’s time to have tasty treats, loud conversation, and cheer for your favorite team. Now, I’m not the biggest football fan, but I do love a good Superbowl party. You know there’s always gonna be some cute guys to flirt with during half-time. So, you need to look cute! My rule is, cheer for the team with the best looking uniforms and the cutest team members.
So what to wear for a Superbowl Party? I gotcha! 
  • Always keep it cute, comfortable, and functional. It’s a party, there will be treats and snacks and drinks – make sure you fit the part. 
  • Put away the stilletos and the body-con dresses. Pull out the cute jeans and tees. 
  • Add a bit of team flair and get your party on. 

Take a look at the outfits I assembled below – be inspired to look SUPER CUTE at the SUPERBOWL Party! (Click the photo for shopping info)

    #OOTD: Seahawks for the win?
    Rooting for the Seahawks? This comfortable look is just for you. I’m so into this cute Seahawks beanie and crocodile tote. See, you can be fashionable and cheer for your team at the same time. Put away the BORING football jersey/tan/t-shirt and rock your team colors.

    #OOTD: Patriots for the win?

    Now, are you rooting for the Patriots? I am!! I’m from Massachusetts, so I gotta go for the home team. Anyway, I loved this plaid look and neutral boot! So cute and so cozy. You’ll be the flyest girl at the party, and ready to kick it at the after-party. Loves it!

    So what will you be wearing to your Superbowl Party? Let me know in the comments!

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