FAB FAVE: My favorite style bloggers

 As I’ve delved into the wonderful world of #OOTD blogging, I’ve started following other OOTD bloggers for inspiration. I decided, for this week’s FAB FAVE, that I’d spotlight some of my favorite fashion bloggers. These are ladies that have awesome style and great blogging skills. Take a look below to see how these six lovely ladies rock their wonderful style.

Georgette of Grown & Curvy Woman
First up is Georgette from Grown & Curvy Woman. I love her flirty, fabulous, ladylike style. She’s a plus-size blogger, like myself, and she’s not afraid to rock trends. Being able to rock trends being plus-size seems to be a topic of concern for most women. But if you follow Georgette, she makes it look easy. Give her a visit.
Caroline of Caroline Margaret Studio

Next is Caroline of Caroline Margaret Studio. She’s a Nashville based blogger that I happen to know in real life. Why do I love Caroline? Her blog is a breathy presentation of fashion and lifestyle goodness. Caroline makes the whole ‘blogging’ thing look super easy. Plus, her fashion sense is BEYOND. It’s not an outfit that she posts that I don’t lust over.

Tosha Eason of Bambis Armoire
 I stumbled upon Tosha Eason’s blog, Bambis Armoire by accident (I was looking for something else) then I fell in LOVE with her. Tosha is a stylist and creative director living in LA. Her style is all about LA cool. She’s tall too, modelesque to say the least, so her looks are always flawless. I love how she mixes hi/lo items and adds a trendy twist. She def a blogger to keep your eye on.

Kellie B of And I Get Dressed

My recent love for Kellie B comes from her amazing plus-size style; she never gets it wrong! This NYC resident not only spotlights her own style, she spotlights others on her blog too. And I Get Dressed is a monument to awesome OOTD fashionistas. Her site gives you more motivation to step you game up just a tad.

Audrey of Lulu Linden

I’m currently in LOVE with Audrey of Lulu Linden. This college girl has a style sense that’s well beyond her years. I’ve only been following her a couple weeks and I’ve gotten SO MANY style ideas. She not only posts about fashion, but she posts tasty recipes and fun eats.

M of F*** it  . . . Going to New York

If I could immediately change my entire style, I’d look more like M of F*** it . . .  Going to New York! Her minalmist style is so chic and so cool! Even her blog is super streamlined and cool. I mean, she’s one of those bloggers that has found her core style and she ROCKS it!

I hope you follow one these amazing ladies. I guarantee you’ll learn alot and you’ll want to update your look. They are such influencers. I can only wish to be as fly as them.

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