Fashion Friday: Herve Leger – Spring 2015

Herve Leger Spring 2015 – More than bondage dresses!

I know Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in full swing, showing the best of Fall 2015. But I’m still stuck on all the fly looks from the Spring lines. This week we are discussing Herve Leger’s Spring 2015 line! I chose this line, because I hadn’t heard from the design house in a minute. Upon looking at the Spring 2015 line, I’m pleasantly surprised. Let’s go!

Kim and reality TV made Herve Leger a household name.

When most think of Herve Leger, you think of the design house’s traditional bandage dress. Reality TV princess, Kim Kardashian, was ALWAYS seen rocking a Herve Leger. So much so, her wax figure at Madame Toussaint’s currently wears a pink version! Oh but don’t let the smooth taste fool you – Herve and the Crew (Lubov Azria and her husband Max Azria) have way more in store and updates galore.

My fave looks from the line, so STRONG!

According to, Lubov Azria said her line was inspired by “Japan’s strong women warriors who took arms with their samurai brothers” The presentation shows strong lines, leather detail, kimono inspirations, and updates on their traditional bandage dresses.

I loved the additional of these kimono styles and graphic prints are a feminine and lovely. The looser style appeals to almost every woman – in the office and for cocktails.

As seen above (first photo) the Azria’s know the strong suit giving women a gorgeous silhouette with the bondage dress. Adding metal, leather, and gold details while playing with various cuts on the bodice and below the knee. Listen, I really loved this line! It screams spring and being fearless. Let’s let Herve back in again!

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