FAB FAVE: Sneakers I want for Spring

The shoe that started my yearning for spring 2015!

As I listen to the ice break the break the branches of the trees outside my house, I’m already yearning for warmer temperatures. Whenever warm weather comes, I start thinking of sneakers! And as I prepare for Nashville Fashion Week (April 7-11, 2015) I’m already getting hype about adding a sneaker look to the week. So, here’s my FAB FAVE sneaker looks for Spring 2015. Let’s get started

Hip-Hop inspired sneaker releases are the rage this season. I’m sure you know about Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost sneakers, but you might not have known about the De La Soul inspired SB Dunks that dropped on February 15th. These shoes sold out at most retailers, and can you blame them? The 90’s motif on the colorway inspired by De La Soul’s videos are a great nod to Spring. It’s just enough color to turn heads, but not too much to look overdone. I want them!

This is the sneaker that started my yearning for more sneakers (cause I don’t have enough – LOL). These are the Adidas Originals Top Ten Floral Snake. It’s girly and tough all at the same time! I want them! I want them so bad! I haven’t looked at an Adidas sneaker in so long, but this one is making me change my glance. I can see so many ways to stye these shoes, dresses, jeans, or leggings – Oh my! Don’t be mad if you see with these on – cuase I’m like 80% sure I’m buying them.

I love a good Converse Chuck Taylor and this one is too cute for words. The hi-top Chuck Taylor is a classic but the addition of the Any Warhol Campbell’s Tomato Soup graphic makes the shoe even more special. It’s so kitschy and classic while the basic colors make it a great addition to the closet. I need IT!

This post couldn’t be published without a pair of trainers. Now, I’m partial to New Balance, but Etonics are an urban classic. I got my first pair of Etonics on a shopping trip to Brooklyn. I came back to middle school with the hottest most unknown kicks EVER! Everyone was hating. So when I saw these BAIT X Etonic Sunset inspired trainers, I had to put them on my Spring list – for nostalgia’s sake!

No sneaker post would be complete without a pair of Jordan Retro’s on the list. I love most retro Jordan re-issues but this one caught my eye because it has my favorite color, turquoise. The Air Jordan 4 doesn’t release until March, but these need to be on your radar. You won’t see this colorway again.

So, which of these FAB sneakers are your fave? Have you been inspired to add a pair to your closet? Let me know in the comments!

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