#OOTD: Bubblegum

#OOTD: Bubblegum

I was trying to give Spring the benefit of the doubt. But Mother Nature wants to mean and give us these super chilly days. I actually considered wearing boots and a cardigan this morning – it was THAT cold. I decided to compile this look as a way to embrace some spring trends for 2015 and as a way to keep warm and transition.

I started with this fun sweatshirt and started adding awesome details to create this look. It’s always good to have a sweatshirt or hoodie available as we transition to the warmer weather. And once again, white jeans are here to stay. Worn casually, seen above, the white jean is always quite chic. Oh, and sneakers are the way to go for the spring, especially the Air Force 1’s – taking it back to the year 2000! These sneakers are just CLEAN and you need them to complete your fresh springs looks. Lastly, get into pastels this season! They made a quick arrival last summer, but this year you’ll see way more items featuring the pastel pallette.

Like anything in this set, click the photo for shopping details.

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