What to Wear to TN Steeplechase 2015

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Going to the Iroquois Steeplechase is one of the most fun events of the Spring! And why wouldn’t it be? There’s horses, pretty dresses, HATS, food, and fun! My goodness! On top of that, the weather is supposed to be AMAZING! Of course, I have some outfit inspiration for you.

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#SteepleChase: Pretty in Pink

So, if this is your first time going to a derby or the Tennessee Steeplechase (check out my Do’s & Don’ts below) but also, keep it simple. Find a pretty dress, a cute floral headband, and some embellished flats. The event is a time to have fun and kick it with friends. Let’s talk about the Trend . . . PASTELS! Pastels are all the rage this season. This is the perfect time to experiment.

#TNsteeplechase: Sunny Flower

Our second look is about ease as well. But the trend is pops of color and pattern mixing. You scared to mix patterns, start with an accessory to ease you into to the trend. Also, these cute, rubber soled flats are great to navigate the grassy areas. Take a nod from this look to inspire your race day outfit.

#TNsteeplechase: Box Seat Beauty

Our last look is all about sophistication! For those who don’t have a spot on the lawn, heels are definitely an option. Traditionally, derby time is all about sundresses, but if you frequent the derby scene, step outside the box and try separates. This look is so chic but yet fun. 

Below are my Derby Do’s and Don’ts – make sure you have fun, stay safe, and snap cute selfies!

Derby Do’s and Don’ts 
  • DO – Wear wedge heels, ballerina flats, or embellished flip-flops because of all the grassy areas 
  • DO – Opt for a CONSERVATIVE hemline – Being outside, in grassy areas, and unknown weather influence, ladies want to keep it classy and stylish specially if it’s a windy day. 
  • DO – Keep you alcohol consumption to a minimum – you’ll be hob-knobbing with some of Nashville’s elite, you don’t want to be sloshed when you get a chance to meet a potential employer
  • DON’T – Think you’ll be getting a box seat – Box Seats have been claimed and are pretty expensive. 
  • DON’T – Go without a group of your besties – this is a perfect time to welcome the spring season. 
  • DON’T – Forget your SUNSCREEN. This is an outside event with the potential for MAJOR sunburn. 

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