WHAT TO WEAR: 4th of July, 2015

Oh yeah! Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!

With all the craziness our nation is suffering (#BlackLivesMatter), this is a great weekend to kick back with friends and celebrate the good things about America. You know food on the grill, beautiful beaches, and great shopping – there’s some good things in America! Below I share some cute looks for this three day weekend! Whether in your backyard or on a boat . . . you can look so FAB this weekend.

#OOTD: Gorgeous Green

Are you going to the beach? This look is glam and gorgeous. Turn your two-piece into a full ensemble by adding a cute midi-skirt and lots of accessories. THE TREND: YES, pattern mixing is STILL a thing! Adding a darker pattern to a lighter pattern, within the same color scheme, is a good way try this trend.

#OOTD: Pineapple Proper

No beach, but plenty of picnics this weekend? This is the perfect look for you! This look is colorful and cool with dashes of fun and lots of trend. THE TREND: Fruit inspired accessories are ultra-hot this summer! Click here, to see how to rock fruit in a fly way.

#OOTD: Queen Independence

Oh, you thought you were gonna see some red, white, and blue, in this post? NO! I hate corny themed clothing. Are you a substitute teacher? So, add a bit of patriotic flair with these stars influenced converse. I mean, even TRAP QUEENS like fireworks! THE TREND: TRAP QUEEN real-ness! It’s the hottest song in the land – CELEBRATE!

Hope these looks influence you to rock something cute for the holiday weekend! Happy vacation!

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