LUST LIST: I want Champagne (Papi)!

Welcome to this week’s LUST LIST! The Lust List is basically things I’m trying or things I want. Most of the time the Lust List will be about clothing or accessories, but sometimes it will be super random, like . . . today’s item. Today, I’m lusting after champagne (and . . . Drake) but mostly champagne. Let me explain.

All my in real life friends know that I am TEAM CHAMPAGNE. While you are waxing poetic about your moscatos and red wines and white wines and trying to be all fancy like Olivia Pope, I’m over here drinking champagne on a Tuesday. Why do I love champagne? Because it’s bubbly. That’s it. Like, I love to burp, everyone loves a bit of a buzz. Plus, when I tell everyone ‘I only drink champagne’, people think I’m extra fancy. Or crazy, I don’t know.

Gotta try Veuve Clicquot – – – – FANCY!

Now, I’m not so fancy that I know the differences between champagnes, vineyards, and the best years. I know I can tell the difference between champagne and presecco (what people serve when they can’t afford good champagne). So, I’ll be taking you guys on a journey of me exploring new champagnes. Just follow me on snapchat (fabglance1) and instagram. Every month I’ll be trying new champagne! Yeah!

Any reason to add Drake to this blog is a good reason.

Being TEAM CHAMPAGNE, I had to give it up to Drake aka Champagne Papi (you get it!) for sending hip-hop DJ Charlamagne six bottles of Dom Perignon. Why? Well, if you don’t know, Drake and Meek Mill are having a beef. Charlamagne has said, numerous times, that he doesn’t apprecate Drake’s sing-songy style. Drake refuses to interview with Charlamagne. But, being petty, Drake decided to squash his beef with the DJ just to spite Meek Mill.

Listen, Drake is fine. He sending bottles of champagne to people. And I think he needs to send me a bottle of Dom because it’s more than $200 a bottle. My blogging coins aren’t set up that way.  LOL!

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