#OOTD: What to wear to the Jill Scott concert

Jill Scott is on tour this summer and she’s making a stop in Nashville. Actually, she now lives in Nashville, so it’s not just a stop to perform, it’s a stop to chill at her house. On top of that, the award-winning singer is living off the high of having a Number ONE album, Woman (available everywhere). 

Anyway, with most concerts the after buying the tickets, your biggest dilemma is ‘what to wear’.Of course, I have some looks to inspire you. The Nashville concert is happening at the new Ascend Amphitheater downtown. The amphitheater is an outside venue, so you have to choose your outfit wisely. Oh yeah, this summer it’s been RIDICULOUSLY hot. Nashville has steadily hit high 90’s all week. So, the oufits I’ve created are cute, comfortable, and climate friendly.

#OOTD: Summer Concert Chill

The first look is traditional festival fabness. A sheer long skirt, croptop, and flat sandals will allow you to be summer time fly AND climate chic. No need to wear heels today, focus on comfort and realizing you WILL walk a mile because parking is non-existent downtown.

#OOTD: Greyside Ease

So, because it’s super hot in Nashville, I’m always focused on wearing the least amount of clothes but looking totally appropriate. That’s why I chose this tank dress and converse combo. You can walk to the venue in comfort and look totally cute taking photos for instagram. Oh yeah, don’t forget your singlassess –  just select some cool ones.

#OOTD: Cutoff Concert Cutie

Lastly, if you must wear heels, or you got that VIP treatment, these tall and comfy selections will work just fine. Oh yeah, TREND ALERT: Bucket bags are IN for the rest of 2015. Get yourself a bucket bag for fall, super fab!

I hope this helps all my Jill Scott concert goers. Hit up the comments section and let me know what you’ll be wearing.

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