MY STYLE: That one time I tried on a fatkini . . .

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to do it. I had to try on a two-piece bathing suit!

Now known as the ‘fatkini’ (a bikini for fat people), the look was made famous by plus-size blogger GabiFresh back in 2012 (click here for her original fatkini post). Gabi is known for pushingthe envelope of fashion, no matter her size. Her rocking a bikini was NOTHING back in 2012. She was just on vacation with bae and came back to become a worldwide phenom. After which, she became the queen of plus-size bikinis and even went on to design a line of bikinis. WOW!
Ladies all over the world felt empowered to try on a bikini. Check out instagram, type in the key word #fatkini, you’ll see women of all shapes being comfortable in their skin. This was the summer of extreme body confidence. I wanted to get me a piece. Off to Target I went. 

No matter what the trend, I will never purchase a look without trying it on first. This is a FAB FACT! Target was my place of access for my plus-size bikini. The price was affordable and the styles were cute. What I like about Target’s line was the variety of cuts. Every lady (plus-size & straight size) is shaped different. Some women prefer a high-cut, some prefer a brief, no matter the case, it’s all about confidence.

Available at
  So how confident did I feel in my bikini? GOSH DARN CONFIDENT! I didn’t have high hopes when I stepped into that dressing room. Not because I’m plus-size but because I’m not blessed in the boob department. All the ladies in the fatkini pictures were alot more busty than myself. Thank God for under-wire! And thank God for separate sizing. My bottom is definitely bigger than my top, so being able to purchase two different sizes helped me achieve the perfect fit.

Now, about posting these pictures on the internet streets? That was ANOTHER story. It’s all well and good to take a picture in the dressing room, letting it live on your camera roll for the rest of eternity. But just like my post about having FAT ARMS, I had to face my fear. If I liked the way I looked in this two-piece swimsuit, I shouldn’t really care what anyone else thinks.

So I bit the bullet, resisted the urge to smooth out the cellulite on my thighs, and I pushed the ‘send’ button. The deed was done.  And you know what? I didn’t pass away. Currently on Instagram, I’ve gotten nothing but great comments. I’m not gonna front, those likes are a nice little boost for the confidence. I’m gonna try my best to do a professional shoot before the summer to give you the full effect of my fabness in a swimsuit.

Other than that . . . I’m enjoying these photos and I hope you do too. Have you tried a fatkini this summer? Let me know in the comments section!

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