LUST LIST: September Issues

This week’s lust list is all about fashion magazines. Specifically the one that have GORGEOUS black women gracing the cover. I will forever and always love fashion magazines. I’m the person that needs to feel the pages turn between my fingers. I mean, I have digital subscriptions, but nothing beats the hard copy.

Of course, it’s so crazy that most fashion magazines have a lot of white/caucasion images on the cover. It’s almost insulting to think that editors would think that black womne would like to see themselves on a cover. That’s why it’s always nice to see a Beyonce or a Ciara on the cover. I can’t wait until we get to a time when having a black woman on the cover over a popular magazine isn’t a special occassion but a normal occorance.

Anyway, I will be picking up these September issues. Click below for details:

Beyonce scored her second Vogue cover. This time she’s talking about her style on/off stage and her runway influences. Click here to purchase this special limited edition boxed issue.

Serena Williams looks stunning on the cover of New York Magazine. In her article she talks about her love of designing, even though she is the number one tennis player.

Misty Copeland has a GORGEOUS cover on Essence for September. The Prima ballerina was promoted to principal ballerina at American Ballet Theater – she’s the first black woman to do it!

Ciara rocked the cover of Shape magazine straight off a tour of her new album. She talked about how she dropped 60lbs in four months to prepare for her new tour.

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