Fab Glance Closet Sale!

Tomorrow, Sept 7th, I’ll be hosting my first closet sale! Listen, I have so many pretty and cool pieces in my wardrobe that I just don’t wear anymore. Plus, I want to make room for more nice things. Also, being on a budget is hard. In order for new things to come in, old things have to leave. 

Torrid Skater Dress – Size 3 (22-24)

I’ll be posting photos of my gently loved (like worn less than three times) dresses, shirts, sweaters, and skirts up for sale. No items more than $30, most at the $20 mark. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to score your faves. Everything will be washed/dry cleaned and ready to send to you after September 15. 

Nina Ricci Dress – Size 18
My goal is to have my closet cleaned out by the end of the month. Plus, I’d like to bless people with some nice items. All  unsold pieces will be donated to Dress for Success
How it works:
  1. I’ll post photos of sale items on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram along with the prices. 
  2. If you like something, screenshot the photo then send me a message via Facebook, Instagram, or email -> melwatkins01 @ gmail . com. 
  3. I’ll respond by sending you a paypal invoice. You’ll have 24hrs to pay via PayPal. 
  4. Once your payment is received, you’ll get a confirmation email and your item will be on its way. NO REFUND/NO EXCHANGES
Forever 21 skater dress – Size 3x
*items in this post are up for sale too!*

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