MY STYLE: My homecoming Lookbook

So, randomly The Blogger Girls realized that we all had ties to Tennessee State University. Two of us are alumni, and one of us is an ‘almost alumni’ (read our stories here). So we decided to do a quick little look book to celebrate TSU’s 2015 Homecoming season.  Of course, I had to represent for the plus-size ladies – sometimes it’s hard to find game-day looks in plus sizes. Take a look at my college homecoming choices below:

Of course, I had to start with the signature college paraphernalia. If you are plus-size, and you can’t find a ‘women’s cut’ t-shirt in your college’s colors, go to the men’s department! Then, make it girly. This is a shirt my school sold about three years ago. I added my favorite Torrid tight, cute sneakers, and this Forever 21 bookbag, and I’m ready to go.

If you attend an HBCU Homecoming, you know the experience is MORE than the game. It’s about happy hour, parties, more parties, and even a date with that dude who didn’t know you got so fine. Of course, this cute ‘after 5’ look is great to wear during homecoming weekend.

Thanks Torrid (not sponsored) for this whole look! I finally found a basic black jacket that fits my chunky arms. If you have chunky arm, you know the STRUGGLE! But this jacket has elastic panels that expand for ladies with bigger arms. And, these JEANS from Torrid – they are my new BAE! Being six feet it’s hard to find skinny jeans that are long enough to cuff and they still look good. Get you some!

Lastly is my cute little cocktail dress! Every TSU Homecoming ends with a victory party – because you know we are gonna win. You gotta go ALL out! Y’all already know how I go hard for lace stockings. I had to add these stockings to this cute dress. The dress is from Forever 21 (no longer available).

Hope you have a happy homecoming season!

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