MY STYLE: Just those rainy days …

Ok, Fall is really here. Fall in Nashville is a rainy affair. Like, you legit think Noah is gonna float by with his arc and his animals. So, it can be kinda hard to dress for the season, especially when you are used to dressing for warm weather. This week, I decided to rock this cute look for a recent event I’m helping coordinate (more details on that). Let’s talk about my look . . .

Forever 21 Dress, thrifted belt, Jessica London Booties
I scored this cute dress from a friend’s Pop-Up shop. I wish I was one of those people that thrifted and ‘got my life’ buying vintage items. But, honey, I don’t have the time! Going to Goodwill stresses me out. However, three or four times a year, I make the time to find previously owned clothes. When my friend Codie decided to move to sunny Florida she thought to sell her fall/winter clothes. 
Codie has good style, so I knew I’d find some good pieces at her pop-up shop – and I DID! You’ll see some of the pieces I picked up in a few more posts. I picked up this Forever 21 dress (that I’m sure cost about $20) for $5! I immediately knew how I’d rock it. When the rain started to fall, I knew this look would be fly.

My FALL staples are always black tights, black turtleneck, and black boots. Once you have your staples, you can layer and look good. I turned a summer dress into a fall look by adding these three staples. I’m telling you, get you some staples. I love the tights from Avenue! They fit me well and last the whole season (with several washes). The turtleneck shirt is from Target, and my boots from Jessica London.

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