FAB FASHION: GabiFresh x Swimsuits for All – Summer 2016

Even though it’s BRISK outside, fashion s already thinking about spring/summer. Would you believe it if I said, “this is the PERFECT time to purchase your swimsuit!”? Yup, and this FAB FASHION spotlight will get you moving in the right direction, especially if you’re plus-sized. So, take a look at GabiFresh’s 2016 swimsuit line via SwimsuitsForAll!

Ok, I have to admit that Gabi has made me excited to wear a swimsuit again. I mean, she single-highhandedly revived the plus-size swimsuit demographic, created the word ‘fatkini’, and have induced so much CONFIDENCE in our community that you can’t deny getting a swimsuit. Plus, she looks SO GOOD doing it! I mean!

The Empress

According to Gabi’s website, there are 12 suits and two cover-ups. This is an expansion from last year’s offerings, which were only eight suits. Also, she has more than just bikinis. I’m so happy that she has more one-piece swimsuits. Although I love the bikini, I know the trend is going back to the one-piece. What I love about Gabi’s line are the exciting prints. No longer do plus-size women have to settle for solid colors while our straight-sized counterparts have all the fun.


These wonderful suits are coming for my coins and I’m not mad about it. This is a great time to get a suit because lots of them are on sale (Spring Break is around the corner). I think I’ll purchase one to do a little photoshoot. But, can my shoot be as AMAZING as Gabi’s? I don’t know, but I will try.

Will you be purchasing one of Gabi’s suits? Let me know in the comments section!

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