MY LIFE: Nashville Snow Day Adventure

If you haven’t been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or snapchat, then you probably don’t know that the southeast and mid-Atlantic experienced a crazy blizzard. Oh, you knew? You looked out your window? Ok! Well girl, my northeast roots were super happy to go play in the snow REAL QUICK. 

Of course, I had to do a mini photo shoot to document this ‘once in a while’ snow storm. And really, it is a winter wonderland! It’s super cold, don’t get me wrong, and the secondary roads are crazy slippery, but if you can get outside to play, I recommend it. 
Luckily, I live on a golf course, so Mother Nature SHOWED OUT! Look how beautiful! It was serene and totally gorgeous. I pulled out my vintage wool and mink coat just to enjoy the gloriousness. Then my friend and I risked our lives to go to Starbucks –  you know, priorities! Lol!

Have you enjoyed winter storm Jonas? Tried any fun Pinterest recipes? Let me know in the comments section! 

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