#FabHistoryMonth: Misty Copeland, Ballerina

Misty Copeland is a national treasure! Listen! This 5’2″ ballerina has used her talent and hard work to break so many barriers. A couple years ago, Copeland, was promoted to PRINCIPLE ballerina at The American Ballet Theatre (ABT). Listen, it’s a big deal. She was the first African-American to EVER hold this position in 75 years!

Among that, Copeland has a bunch of other accolades that need to be recognized. Click below to learn some great facts about this amazingly beautiful dancer.

  • Copeland started practicing ballet at the age of 13, way late for most professional dancers. 
  • Misty has five siblings. Often times the dancer and her family found themselves living in shelters. However, this didn’t stop her from practicing.
  • Copeland faced racism after making it to the prestigious ranks of the ABT, constantly being told she didn’t have the body or talent for ballet. In her own words, Copeland was told by other ballerinas that Black women didn’t look right in tutus, according to a 2014 Baltimore Sun interview. (source
  • She danced her first Metropolitan Opera House performance with six stress fractures in her shin.
  • Copeland released two books in 2014. The first was the memoir Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. The second was a picture book aimed at young children titled Firebird
  •  Almost eight million people viewed her Under Armour commercial online. Under Armour utilized Misty as a way to attract women to the sports brand . . . and it WORKED!
Follow Misty on instagram -> @MistyonPointe

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