#FabHistoryMonth: Kendrick Lamar Grammy Performance

Last night, Kendrick Lamar performed a three-act epic presentation of his best songs (and spoken word) from his project, To Pimp a Butterfly.  So, I had to make Kendrick, and his performance the #FabHistoryMonth spotlight for today.

The amazing performance started with Kendrick and his dancers in chains as he performed “Blacker the Berry”, then Kendrick performing around a fire with African dancers singing “Alright”, and ended with Kendrick doing more spoken word. The ending  left audience looking at the image above, putting Compton in the middle of the continent of Africa.

CLICK HERE to watch Kendrick’s performance

Kendrick’s performance had SO MANY layers that it deserves to be watched several times. Kendrick, like Beyonce (last week), was apologetically BLACK. You know what? That’s OK! You know what else is OK, being proud of your heritage & struggle, while appreciating others heritage & struggles. When more people understand that thought process, more people will appreciate Kendrick’s performance. Heck, his whole discography.

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