#WhatToWear: Beyonce’s Formation World Tour

Beyonce’s Formation Tour starts next week and she has an HBO special airing on Saturday night. Every Beyonce fan is pretty much losing our minds. What with the Formation Tour be about? What is this HBO special be about? What does Lemonade mean? UGH! Beyonce is so GOOD at building suspense. So, with Beyonce’s tour coming to Nashville on May 5th, I had to answer the question, “What to wear to the Beyonce Concert?” All my readers have been sending me messages, so I had to help. At least, we can solve this mystery.

Below you’ll see three outfit inspirations for your concert experience. Each look is inspired by Beyonce in some way. Also, each look is fashionable AND comfortable! Why? Because the Formation Tour is an arena tour. If you are sitting on the grass, you need to make sure your shoes are comfy and your outfit is on point. Also, this tour takes us through the summer, so these looks are warm weather appropriate. Let’s get started:

#WhatToWear: #FormationTour - Look 2

The first look is a nod to Beyonce’s new Ivy Park line of athletic line. When I first wrote about this line, I talked about how the line is affordable and cute. Immediately, I knew that you could rock this shirt with a pair of jeans and luck extra cute. This hi/lo look is a mix of affordable pieces and high-end accessories. This look is easy to duplicate. I hope to see you rock it!


#WhatToWear: #FormationTour Look 1

Our next look is chic and comfy. Y’all know I love rocking sneakers with fitted dresses and skirts. Plus, a crop top is ALWAYS a good deal. This Blue Ivy inspired look is super simple and super cute. We know, Beyonce’s fave color is blue, so why no rock it all the way!

#WhatToWear: #FormationTour - Look 3

Our last look is a nod to Beyonce’s bohemian side and her cryptic new special ‘Lemonade’. TREND ALERT: These linen culottes are the way to go for spring/summer 2016. This delicate and delightful look would be cute if you are taking your boo to the show with you.

So, what are you wearing to the Beyonce concert? Have these looks inspired you? Let me know in the comments section.

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