MY STYLE: Because it’s my favorite . . .

Since I launched my Closet Edits program, I’ve been inspired to follow my own advice. Shop you closet ladies and gentleman! Before you decide to throw everything away or buy up the whole mall, you gotta start at the foundation – your closet. This week, I decided to do just that. This is one of my favorite dresses, I’ve worn it plenty of times. But I’ve never documented it for a My Style post. Click below to see my reasons why:

Like I said last week, we tend be ultra self conscious about repeating looks especially in the age of social media. You snap a photo of yourself at your brother’s wedding, it get 50 likes, now you don’t want to wear it again. But if you had an amazing time and you felt amazing in the look, why not wear it again?
I purchased this dress from ASOS Curve; I’ve had it about four years. Sometimes I wear it with chucks, sometimes I wear it with heels, or sometimes I rock it with sandals. I may change the jewelry or my hair style . . . or whatever! But no matter what I add or take away from this dress, I can’t deny that it’s really fly, looks great on me, and makes me feel like a star.

So, don’t be afraid to rock you looks more than once. Add some flair or take something away, but don’t get caught in the cycle of buying more clothes you don’t need to impress people who won’t even remember.

Need some help shopping your closet? Book me for a CLOSET EDIT.

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