SUMMER FAVES 2016 - #FabGlance

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Where did the time go! Well, I’m here to let you know what I’ve been loving this summer. You know, how you just gravitate toward some items, for a period of time, that you just can’t let go of? Yup, that’s what we are talking about today. Hopefully, you’ll add some of these items to your summer must-have list. So let’s get into it . . .

Seltzer Water – All my friends know I’m OBSESSED with seltzer water. I’m not one to drink soda, but I can’t pass up a good fizz. And when I want to be fab & fancy, I reach for the La Croix Seltzer. Why? Well they have some really good flavors that shine through the boring fizz. Also, the cans so pretty! It’s great when you do those blogger things like, take photos of random objects to put random quotes underneath you IG photos.
Sephora Face Masks – If you are anything into beauty & cosmetics you know sheet masks are all the rage. I mean, an easy way to refresh your face without doing a too much work. Seriously, for just $6, it’s a little 15 minute oasis for your face. Plus, the Sephora brand is my fave, even though I’ve tried plenty others.
Urban Decay Finishing Spray – Keeping up with the make-up discussion, because Tennessee summers are SO HOT, I definitely don’t want my make-up sliding off my face. Thank God for this Urban Decay Finishing Spray! When I tell you this stuff sets your make-up like a pro – I tell you know lies. I was a little weary of spending $30 on something that looks like water, but it’s magic in a bottle. Plus, my skin is mad combo-oily but this stuff still works.
Adidas Superstar Sneakers – You know every summer you have to have a fresh pair of white sneakers. White sneakers just give that crsip-ness to a basic summer look. This summer I’ve been living in my Adidas Sneakers. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know I snap a photo of these shoes every time I rock them. Be mad! LOL! They are my fave.
Swing Dresses – You already know it’s hot and there’s nothing like a dress that catches the wind. The t-shirt dress or swing dress is a look to get. I wore a similar dress for my birthday shoot and I fell in LOVE. I bought another one from ASOS and (along with my adidas) I’ll be wearing this look all summer.
So, what’s your favorite stuff this summer? Let me know what you’re loving in the comments section!

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