BLOGGERLIFE: I’m featured on Black Bloggers United

I get so excited when bloggers, businesses, and brands want to work with or feature me. As soon as I feel like I’m all alone, and no one is paying attention, one of these entities sends me a email! It makes my day feel that much better! This week I was featured on the site, Black Bloggers United

About BBU:

The Mission of Black Bloggers United is to be a community that highlights male and female black bloggers. We look to help all members grow their blogs, connect with members at local meetups, learn useful information about blogging and make many connections.

Having been in this blogging game for a LONG time, I’m always excited to see blogger collaborative organizations work to bridge the gaps in the community. It’s hard out here, especially when you realize you want to be a FULL-TIME blogger, you need all the inspiration and resources you can gather.

The folks at BBU asked me to share why I think it’s important to promote body-positivity on social media. Below, you’ll see my answer. I always strive to use my platform to encourage and inspire. I hope you do too!  Make sure to follow Black Bloggers United on Instagram!


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