#OutfitoftheWeek: College Chic + 5 College Style Tips

Dude, today marks the day I’ve been in Nashville for 20 years! Like, dude! I came to Nashville to attend Tennessee State University. I was the only person in my high school class to come this far south to go to college. It was a culture shock to say the least. Coming from the northeast, I was NOT ready for so many friendly people. LOL! I know that sounds crazy, but for an introvert like me, it was a big adjustment.

#OutfitoftheWeek: College Chic
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Another major adjustment was having to find my college style. I didn’t want to be the high school version of myself, but I didn’t quite like the southern style, and I didn’t have any money! LAWD! Needless to say, it took a minute for me to get it right. Also, I didn’t have the help of the internet and social media to guide me along the way. College ladies, thank GOD for social media, it can really help you find your style. Below, I give you a couple of tips for finding your college style:

  1. Keep it simple – Juggling classes, new friends, and a new location is already stressful enough. Finding your style shouldn’t add to the stress. Keep it simple when you are starting out. Make sure to start with your foundational items. A great pair of jeans, cute white tee shirts, a denim jacket, leggings, and a good purse are all items you should have in your closet.
  2. Hair that goes the distance – My hair game was WHACK-JUICE when I came to Tennessee. I wasn’t comfortable with a new stylist, but I didn’t prepare my hair for going a long period of time without a professional stylist. This is the perfect time to use social media to find a stylist that suits you! Whether rocking extensions, a fierce cut, or creative color, make sure you research a stylist in your new locale that fits your style and your budget! Lots of stylists offer college student discounts to help.
  3. Shoe Game Proper – Now this is when social media fools you; you don’t need expensive heels to walk around campus (no girl, no Louboutins for English 101). Also, people LOVE to steal in the dorms – let’s keep it real. A great pair of black pumps, nude sandals, a good boot, and several pairs of sneakers can help you make it through the first semester. When you go home for winter break, you can re-stock your shoe selection for the Winter/Spring season.
  4. You need that college sweatshirt – Nope, it isn’t corny to have a couple pieces of college paraphernalia. A sweatshirt, t-shirt, or hoodie, styled up with a cute pair of jeans and fun heels take college-chic to the next level. Plus, when you want to keep it casual, a college sweatshirt keeps you warm and you can put it on quick. I still have the first tee I purchased freshman year, great nostalgia.
  5. Drink your water – I know you are thinking, “what does this have to do with style?”. ALOT! Drinking water helps release toxins from your body, helps maintain your weight, and helps your body to heal itself during change. Going to college is huge change and emotionally taxing. You don’t want to gain/lose too much weight making it hard to adjust your style and buy new clothes. Ain’t nobody got time to be buying all new clothes. Also, pretty skin is a foundation of great style. Don’t neglect your skin (or your health) during the first semester.

So, those are my five style tips for new college students. Don’t be like me, do you googles, don’t be afraid to try new style, and always stay on budget.  What tips would you give your college self? Let me know in the comments section.

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