What to wear: Formation World Tour – Fall 2016

Beyonce is in the middle of the second leg of her Formation World Tour. She started the tour in April and was set to visit Nashville in the spring but, she had to reschedule. Now The Formation World Tour is coming to Nashville on October 2. I gave you some outfit inspiration for the spring shows, but now it’s fall and I had to hit you up!

Now, here’s the big hiccup – this is a STADIUM show! All attendees have to adhere to stadium rules when it comes to dress code and what you can bring. Ladies, no BIG bags/purses/backpacks, no umbrellas (if it rains), and no big hats. You can bring clutches, small cross-body bags, wallets, and clear bags. Click the link to read the universal BE CLEAR rules used by all stadiums across the nation:

Ok, so now that you know what’s up, let’s get creative and show what you can wear! As always, this is a HUGE concert. There’s gonna be lots of walking, cramp spaces, lots of standing, and tons of people. Don’t get too overzealous with the heels and club-style clothes. Keep in cute and casual. Beyonce is the one putting on the show, not you!

#FormationTour: Don't Hurt YaSelf

This cute look is just the ticket for the Formation Tour, especially if you are sitting in the far-away seats! LOL! Keep it cute with ripped jeans, cute Adidas, and this nod to Bey’s fave color, BLUE! Oh yeah, it’s supposed to be kinda chilly that night, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a jacket.

#FormationWorldTour: Let's Go Kitty Kat

This looks is perfect for pre-gaming with your girls and singing along to the lyrics of Lemonade! Don’t forget your phone, I know you are going to want to record every second of the show. Also, this cropped sweater is PERFECT for cool nights but still looking cute!

#FormationWorldTour: Get in Formation

Our last look is inspired by Beyonce herself! One look at the Formation video, and you know what direction to go to. Try this simple body con dress with army inspired accessories. Remember, the camo/olive green look is ON TREND for the Fall.

So, are you going to the Beyonce Formation World Tour? Let me know what you are wearing in the comments section!

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