#WhatToWear: HBCU Homecoming 2016

It’s Homecoming season and this week celebrates my college homecoming at Tennessee State University (TSU). TSU is a Historically Black College/University (HBCU). If you’ve attended an HBCU homecoming, you know it’s as much of a fashion show as it is a reunion! So, today starts my HBCU Style Series. I’m gonna share some outfit looks for the week as well as homecoming celebrations tips, and of course, plus-size style! Get ready! Let’s start with some outfit inspiration, click the pictures for shopping info.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUHOMECOMING - The Pep Rally

PEP RALLY/LUNCH WITH FRIENDS: Any good Homecoming event starts with a pep rally on the yard followed by lunch with friends! An HBCU pep rally is all about listening to the band play, stepping with your sorority sisters, and flirting with that guy who used to be in your english class. You gotta look casual and cute. This look breaks a couple fashion ‘rules’ but still looks fall fashion flirty.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUhomecoming - The Day Party

DAY PARTY PRINCESS/CONCERT CUTIE: Listen, celebrating at an HBCU homecoming is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be NON-STOP and your looks need to be on point. This Day Party/Concert look is perfectly on trend. If you don’t have a pair of thigh-high boots for the season, you losin! Pair your boots with shorts and a crop moto jacket and you are on your way.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUhomeciming - Game Day

TAILGATE ALL NIGHT:  Now, as an Alum of TSU, our team is fortunate enough to play at the Nissan stadium (where the Titans play). When we tailgate, we go ALL NIGHT! Even though this year’s game starts at 6pm, tailgaters will be on the scene at noon. You need a look that is comfortable and can transition from day to night. This casual look gets you into the game and with a quick shoe change can get you into the victory party.

#WhatToWear: #HBCUhomecoming - The After Party

PARTY TIME/DATE NIGHT: Admit it, the one that got away is still available. After sending him a message on social media, you are gonna go out on a date. This might be the one, or this might be a prelude to attending a good party. Either way, pack a black bodycon in your suitcase, add accessories as needed. This look is simple, effective, and a cool – just like you after celebrating your homecoming.

So, I hope these looks are inspirations for your weekend fab-ness. Which look would you rock? LEt me know in the comments section!

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