Loungewear vs. Pajamas? Let’s get comfy and stylish!

Loungewear vs. Pajamas?
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As a blogger, I get to work from home quite often. I try to get up and get dressed (knowing that I may not see anyone during the day), but I often end up in old shorts and a college tee. Even when I’m chilling on a weekend, I realized I need to step up my lounging game. I quickly realized, I don’t REALLY have lounge-wear. But I mean, what’s the difference between lounge-wear and pajamas? I mean, you wear them both when you’re at the house, right? What makes lounge-wear different. Do I need both? Am I doing this adult thing wrong? Let’s research!

Listen, Blanche Devereaux, had the lounge-wear game on LOCK! The Golden Girls taught us so many amazing lessons. When I went on this lounge-wear vs. pajamas journey, Blanche was the first person I thought of. When it was time to give Dorothy some advice about life, Blanche was ready. Clad in some silky lounge rob, you didn’t feel like she just rolled out of bed, but you knew she was comfortably available for a chit-chat. That’s what lounge-wear is all about.

What came first, pajamas or lounge-wear?

I think the confusion with lounge-wear vs. pajamas starts as a kid. “Get in your PJs”, is something I’m sure you’ve heard from your mom or dad. In the morning, you hop out of your sleeping clothes and into regular clothes. Kids don’t have loungewear, you just have pajamas. Why? Because kids are on the run and ready to go, adults . . . we like to chill.

I think most of us got into the lounge-wear when we became teenagers. Putting on lounge clothes  was just as much of a past time as kicking it with your girls. Still, for me, I wasn’t getting my lounge wear game on 100% as a teen. My family wasn’t a lounging family. Comfortable clothes can be lounge clothes and sleeping clothes.
Luxe Lounge Wear
I quickly realized . . .DUH, pajamas are what you sleep in and lounge wear is what you don’t mind wearing while entertaining guests (if they happen to come over). Lounge wear is comfortable, easy to be transformed into a look to run errands, lightweight, and stylish. The biggest deal with lounge wear is that it give you a pulled-together look with instant nap-a-bility! LOL! Work on a quick document, prep dinner, and say hello to the neighbors, all while not looking like a homeless person.

So, what how will you step-up your lounge game? Let’s discuss in the comment’s section! Click the photos & links to start shopping. Let’s all get comfortable and stylish at the same time!

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