3 Ways to be #BestDressed in REAL Life!

#BestDressed Series
Some of my celeb faves: Rihanna, Beyonce, Lupita, Kourtney, Mindy, and Kerri

Have you noticed that every week we are bombarded with ‘Best Dressed’ celebs of Hollywood. Especially, NOW, during Awards Season, there are whole shows dedicated to who ran the Red Carpet. Whether you are looking at the latest gossip magazine, cruising through television stations, or scanning Instagram, you’ll see celebs being judged for what they wear. Honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming. We know they’re rich, some are talented (lol), but dang it ain’t fair that they have the money to buy all the latest fly stuff.

It’s easy to be BEST DRESSED when you have money, a style team (including hair, nails, and a trainer), and constant paparazzi documenting your every move. I have Personal Style clients who often ask me about tips to update their look. Basically, we all want to be voted BEST DRESSED at least once in our lives. I help my clients be the BEST DRESSED EVERYDAY and it’s not as hard as you think. Below, I give you some outfit inspo and quick tips to help you look your best with the stuff in your closet. Let’s get started:

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The #BestDressed Series: Winter Brunch

KEEP IT SIMPLE: My favorite celebs tend to keep it simple when they are photographed running errands. Sometimes, we tend to OVERTHINK a look. A great tip to help you not overthink is to stay in the same COLOR SCHEME. The look above features four signature items to create a comprehensive look. There doesn’t have to be a bunch of bells and whistles to make people think you have it all together. Just keep it simple, focus on statement pieces, and always feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

The #BestDressed Series: Primary Colors

PLAY WITH PATTERNS: After you’ve mastered the ‘Keep it Simple’ technique I listed above, start adding patterns to the mix. As you can see, we still have four pieces of clothing, but this look tells a story. When playing with patterns, use the thought process of staying in the SAME color scheme/anchor color (just like before). In this look, the anchoring color is BLACK with accents of  white and pops of red. Some wouldn’t have thought this graphic sweater would go with this printed skirt. Not true! Seeing color corresponding patterns matched up tricks your eyes into telling your brain to find that anchor color. Then it automatically makes sense.

The #BestDressed Series: Upgraded Errands

KEEP IT CASUAL:  Most of our days are spent going to work, running errands, and trying to ‘adult’ the best way we can. Some of us to don’t the liberty to get creative with work clothes, so focus on your casual wardrobe. Start wearing those t-shirts you’ve purchased from concerts and pair them with well-fitting jeans and a comfy sneaker or flat. It’s an INSTANT upgrade. Adding an interesting coat or jacket will level you up as well. Most people only see you during weekends, don’t run your errands looking like you just rolled out of bed.

So, those are three ways (and three looks) you can try to be BEST DRESSED in the real world. Still confused, purchase a 2-hr style session with me! Yes, girl, I can teach these steps in real life!

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