EVENT: Nashville Fashion Week, Blogger Brunch 2017


This is an exciting week for Nashville fashion and the announcements keep coming! I’m excited to announce that I’m on the Hosting Committee for Nashville Fashion Week‘s Blogger Brunch. On, April 1 from 11a-1p, meet Nashville’s top style bloggers, eat tasty brunch at City Winery, and learn more about one of the most amazing week’s in the city.

In the past, I’ve co-hosted blogger meet-ups as a way to help build community and provide a networking opportunities for Nashville’s style & fashion bloggers. I love attending Nashville Fashion Week, but I know how intimidating it can be to attend an event as big as NFW. That’s why you should come to this brunch. This is a great way to make new stylish friends. But, even if you aren’t a ‘blogger’ this is a great way to get to know more about how fashion works in Nashville.
Click HERE to purchase your brunch ticket
Looking cute, but a bit awkward on the 2014 red carpet

I’m often asked how I got ‘in the mix’ with Nashville Fashion Week, and I often laugh. The only way I’ve been able to rise through the ranks was through consistency and a general interest in local fashion. You really have to want to inform your readers about the greatness that resides in your city. As a blogger, that’s our job, to influence and enhance while updating our fans about shared interests. My interest is making sure that EVERYONE has access to fashion; fat or skinny, rich or poor. I’m going to always provide options for my readers to experience what I love.


So, make sure you get your brunch ticket today. This event is sure to sell out. I’d love to see you face in the place! Let’s meet-up!

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