#WhatToWear: Graduation Day Style

#WhatToWear: #Graduation 2017 - Look 1
Simple Glam!

It’s that time of year, it’s GRADUATION TIME! Congratulations to all the graduates! You did your best (or you barely made it) either way, you are walking across that stage! Of course, I have some style inspiration for those of you asking, ‘What to Wear’ to the ceremony! As a personal stylist (hire me) I believe in planning your day, dressing for the occasion, and staying comfortable as you stay chic!

So, here are my TOP TIPS for Graduation Day Style. Of course, click any photo for shopping links. Let’s get started:

  1. Please steam your cap & gown before the big day. Nothing is worse that taking photos with those package wrinkles jacking up your style!
  2. Make sure your dress or skirt IS NOT longer than your graduation gown. During the ceremony, you want the focus to be on your cap & gown.
  3. For the ceremony, wear BLACK, closed toe pumps with your cap and gown. I know, sounds boring, BUT you’ll thank me when you get your photos back. It just looks more professional and perfect for the occasion. If you don’t wear black, stick to CLOSED TOE shoes, not sandals.
  4. Speaking of shoes, make sure you know WHERE the ceremony is taking place. Inside ceremonies are great because you can wear any type of heal you’d like. Outside affairs call for a block or a wedge heel so you won’t sink into the soil. Remember, you can change you shoes when at the restaurant!
  5. Now it’s time to show them your LOOK! Once you take the gown off for your party or family meal, it’s time to show them your style. You’ll see three looks I’ve selected are all about simple style, great for photos, and comfortable to wear all day.
  6. Short sleeves under your gown will help you stay super cool during the uber-long ceremonies (why can’t they just call YOUR name already!).


#WhatToWear: #Graduation - Look 3

I’m such a fan of a great circle skirt! If you follow me on the socials, you know I’m a skirt fanatic! This look is great for our prim & proper grads. Add this trendy and convenient Fujifilm Instax Mini camera to document the day. Don’t leave the photos in your cell phone! LOL!

#WhatToWear: #Graduation - Look 2

This look is for our artistic grads! Who said you can’t wear pants to graduation. I love these fancy-pants and fun shoes. This look takes you from graduation, to family dinner, to the night out with your friends!

I love these looks for the stage or for a day out with friends. Need some help finding your Graduation Day style, hire me as your personal stylist for the day. I’ll have you looking fly.

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