MY LIFE: My Birthday Wishlist 2017!

It’s my birthday week! If you know me, birthdays are extremely important to me. Whether you celebrate with parties and gifts or keep it low-key, never pass up a chance to celebrate the day you were born. Because, my love languages are Receiving Gifts and Acts of Service I’m often asked, “What do you want for your birthday?” If you can get me a cool gift (anytime really), I’m always so amazed and appreciative.

So, I thought I’d help my family, friends, and readers bless me by selecting 10 cool gifts I’d like for my birthday! Plus, these are some cool gifts and gestures of love for anyone in your life. Of course they will be fashionable, fun, and affordable (cuz I’m not trying to break ya wallet!). Let’s get it!

Contains Affiliate Links

1. This adorable tropical dress from ASOS. I mean, it has ruffles, it’s off the shoulder, AND it’s got a bold print? I need this in my life and you do too!

2. These Adidas Originals sneakers. I love sneakers. I’ve been going crazy for the primeknit style and I need them in my closet. Also, I hear they were extra comfy.

3. These Rick and Morty action figures. If you haven’t watched Rick and Morty you are losing at life! Seriously, this show is hilarious. I’ve watched both seasons several times and I can’t wait for the third season to launch. 

4. All the things from Bath & Bodyworks . . . or just a bunch of gift cards. Why, because I’m super basic and I LOVE all things Bath & Body Works. From the candles to the body care, that’s me all day!

My fave!

5. Anything gold and turtle related because I’m redecorating my office/studio space. My color scheme is navy blue and gold, plus I’ve love turtles. Turtles are my new jam. I kinda want a turtle too.

6. This dress, or almost any dress from Rebdolls! Y’all already know I’m obsessed with Rebdolls looks and I wouldn’t mind having  couple more pieces in my collection. If you haven’t shopped at Rebdolls, you should check it out.

7. A quick follow on my other social media platforms – hey this is FREE and all you have to do is click and tell a friend. Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. More follows means more quality content for YOU!

8. Donations to help my friend’s mother who is healing from cancer. My friend Rachel and her mom, Sarah, are some of the sweetest people I know. When I heard that Ms. Sarah was sick, I made sure to donate and tell everyone to donate too. So now, I’m asking you to donate. Even if you can only give $5, every dollar matters.

9. Book a personal style session. Listen, you know I quit my corporate job to do this blog & style life full time. I’d love to style you! Book a session today, the sessions are on sale this month!

10. Last but not least, all the coffee. Specifically all the Dunkin Donuts coffee. It’s my ultimate favorite coffee and it beat out my Starbucks addiction. Seriously, get your life together, go to Dunkin Donuts, get me a gift certificate and get yourself some coffee too.

So, I know this list is hella random, but I’m sure it was a cool way to get to know me better. I hope you do donate to a cause, book me for a service, or just stop by my Facebook page and say “Happy Birthday”. It would sure mean a lot to me!

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