WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Style Transition

I know, I know, it’s still warm outside, especially in Tennessee. But, I’m already thinking about Fall 2017! Now, we are no where near pumpkin spiced lattes and lots of layer, but we can start adding some fall features to our hot weather looks. Below, I’ve assembled some very fab looks to help you transition into fall while still rocking summer style. Basically, how do you dress for fall when it’s still super hot?! Let’s get started!

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#WhatToWear: Weekend Update

This first look mixes denim and suede, but with a summer swag. Transitioning into fall, is all about using fall colors and textures with hot weather cuts and styles. I’m loving this pleated skirt and crop top, with the suede sneakers. And, please, can we get this NERD clutch? It’s the perfect nod to the beginning school year.

#WhatToWear: Blush Baby

Next up is this all blush look. Once again, check out the suede sandal, giving you a nod to fall. Then we are adding another cropped tee, and these paper-bag culottes. The trend with this look is sticking to the monochromatic tone. Rocking your favorite color from head-to-toe is a great way to prepare for fall.

#WhatToWear: CamoTropical


The last look is my fave of this set! You can never go wrong with adding denim to your fall transition. But, check out this tropical print button-down shirt! Right! Think about adding some oversized button-down styles to your rotation as the weather gets warmer! You’ll def be on trend for the season!

So, what’s your favorite look? Let me know in the comments section! What trends are you adding to your fall transition?

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