5 Ways You CAN help Houston, SCAM-FREE!

I’m sure we’ve all read the horrible stories of our friends recovering from the Hurricane Harvey and it’s horrible floods.  The loss of life, luxury, and living space is one that no one can imagine until you experience it. Back in 2010, Nashville experienced a horrible flood too; nothing like the one in Houston but bad enough. So, I remember what it felt like to watch my friend receive help from charities.

I wasn’t affected by the floods, but I was able to lend a hand. I remember donating money to my favorite charity, the Salvation Army, and I started a diaper drive at my church. Although, I’m not in Houston, I couldn’t watch the news reports and read the social media timelines without offering my help.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Reece of WFAA-TV

Below, I’ve listed several TRUSTWORTHY scam-free charities (that aren’t the Red Cross) that are on the ground helping the people of Houston. From diaper drives, clothing drive, and places to donate money, the list below has been compiled with care in hopes that you’d share a bit of the coins in your stylish purse.

Convoy of Hope – This organization has their feet on the ground. The money you send is going STRAIGHT to the residents of Houston. One of my fave charities.

Texas Diaper Bank  – This organization collects diapers, formula, and educational essential that are often looked over during tragic situations. The link goes straight to the organization’s amazon wish list. So you see EXACTLY where your money is going.

The Greater Houston Community Fund – Set in Houston, this organization has been involved in the community for several years and have already started delivery funds to communities in the area.

Houston Humane Society – We can’t forget the pets! The Houston Humane Society has published their wish list for the 1000’s of pets found after the hurricane. You can send a monetary donation to help the shelter stay open and help the fur-babies.

Texas Children’s Hospital – Although most hospitals are up-and-running after Hurricane Harvey many need lots of supplies and funds to pay staff. The children’s hospital is looking for donations to help young people who were injured during the floods.

Just like I did my googles, you can do yours too. But, these are the trusted sites for making sure you funds go straight to the victims. Remember, if you don’t have the money to give today, the residents of Houston will need TONS of help in the months to come. Budget your funds, maybe send a couple bucks a month to help your favorite charities.


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