MY STYLE: Pre-Fall CHIC with Simply Be

We are in that wacky time between summer and fall. In fashion, we call this pre-fall. In my closet, we call this WAR! Living in Tennessee, but being from Massachusetts, I’m always at war with my fall sensibilities. I’m the person who is happy that Pumpkin Spice is back, ready to wear all the layers, and waiting for the first bonfire invite. But, even I know that we won’t get those TRUE fall temperatures until late October, maybe even November. Sigh.

That’s why, when I was contacted by Simply Be to review some of their plus-size looks, I was excited. Simply Be has an EXPANSIVE collection of items. Like, dude, theirs 100’s of looks! Their range of sizes are from 8-28, which is AWESOME! Also, their comment section, under each item, is very informative. The shoppers do a good job of sharing if an item worked for them, it’s quality, and value.

Below, I share the three pieces I received from Simply Be. This is a sponsored post, but I’m gonna keep it ALL the way real with you. I hate to waste money, and I’d hate you to waste money too. Lets get it:

Denim Cold Shoulder Dress

Let’s get started with this denim dress! Listen, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been rocking this dress HARD! At first, I didn’t like it; the length was weird on me. It’s a tad short, but I AM six-feet tall. Other than that, I love the ruffle detail and the on-trend ‘cold shoulder’ look. I’m obsessed with DENIM for pre-fall and fall. A denim look for a summer-ish trend helps you stay cool as you wait for fall to come.

High Neck, Low V, Slouch Top

The next look takes you back to basics! Ain’t nothing like a new twist on a basic. This v-neck slouch tee felt amazing, but the shape was a bit weird on me. So, I put a knot in the side and made it work. This was one of those shirts that looked better on the model than it did on me. I wanted it to be a bit longer so I could wear it with leggings. But, I’d definitely wear it again and I loved the way this look turned out.

Jersey Swing Dress

My next selection, I decided to step out of my comfort zone. For pre-fall, this dress can def transition into REAL fall. Add some leggings and boots, girl! You will be looking CUTE! I rarely wear leopard print, but I thought this swing dress would be really cute. Now, remember, I’m SIX FEET TALL. So, it was less of a dress and more of a long shirt. I really wanted this dress to be longer. Also, I usually shy away from loose dresses, but this one was so fun and SO comfortable. I loved it.

Overall, SimplyBe is on my radar to buy more fall looks. Shipping was quick and they ALWAYS have deals and sales. Make sure to check out SimplyBe this season to update your plus-size wardrobe.

Which look did you like the most? Let me know in the comments section!


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