MY STYLE: What’s next for 2018?

We are a couple days away from 2018. While I rock this gorgeous black dress from Eleven60, I thought it would be a good time to look forward for 2018. I’m a fan of a resolution. I don’t let haters distract me from making a goal for my life. Some goals, I hit, and some fall by the wayside. BUT, I tried and that’s more to say than the person laughing, while you are trying. Don’t be afraid to set a goal!

Black Book‘ dress by Eleven60

So, what are my goals for Fabglance for 2018? Let’s talk about it:

  • More brand collaborations! I’m ending 2017 by collaborating with Eleven60 and I’m bringing you more collabs during the first quarter of the year. My goal is to share plus-size brands that make quality clothing. Eleven60 was created by gospel singer, Kierra Sheard. I’ve watched her create a line that focuses on quality, small batches, and unique designs. I’m loving the pieces, and I’m excited to work with the Eleven60 brand in 2018.
  • More events! Yes, I heard you, and YOU too! Y’all want me to host more events. You want a plus-size meet-up in Nashville. You want me to host a blogger conference. You want me to speak at your event. Girl, me too. I’ve planned three signature events this year and I’m looking for sponsors. You can always BOOK ME for your event; send me an email and I’ll send you my rates.
  • More about me! Yeah, so it turns out y’all love hearing about me! Ok, y’all nosey! No but, that’s the best way to grow an amazing community that focuses on authenticity. Yeah, we love the clothes and the pretty pictures, but I want to make sure I’m helping you too. Make sure you follow me on the socials (#fabglance), especially on instagram for daily does of Melissa.
  • A better newsletter! I study the analytics, and I hear you. You want a better newsletter. One that adds to your mailbox, not one that you delete upon arrival. You’ve asked for shopping deals, motivation, and less words. I got you! Expect a newsletter, once a week, with the things you’ve requested. Sign-up today. Also, if you sign-up, you won’t miss out on the things I’ve listed above.


Let’s talk about this dress! I plan to pay attention to details, just like this amazing dress. This is for the girl who wants to show a bit of skin, but keep it classy. This dress is great for a cocktail party, fun date, or semi-formal event. This dress is so WELL MADE! It’s worth more than the price-tag. As soon as I put it on, I wanted to twirl and dance. My one suggestion, is to go a size down from your normal size. It’s a bit loose in the bodice, but if you need more room in the tummy, it will suit you fine.


So, what are your resolutions for 2018? Share a goal in the comment section.

If you need a cheerleader, message me! I’m here to see you succeed. You can do this! It’s not the year of the glow-up, it’s the year of OVERFLOW!

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