What to wear to the Black Panther Premiere

We are less than a week away from the Black Panther premiere. Everyone I know is pretty excited about this amazing cinematic sensation. For comic book fans, it’s a dream come true to see this incredible universe come to life. For black people, it’s even more important. All reviews point to Black Panther being one of the best representations of the African diaspora ever recorded on film. Yeah, Wakanda isn’t a real place, but gosh darn it, we are proud to represent! Of course, I have to give you some outfit inspiration.


At the official Hollywood premiere guests were asked to dress royally as they walked the red carpet. The film’s stars (Lupita N’yongo, Chadwick Bosman, Angela Bassett, and Janelle Monae) wore the finest interpretation of African dress. Taking inspirations from various tribes and regions on the African continent allowed for stars to be as creative and colorful as possible. The carpet shined with black excellence.

For fans attending next week’s nationwide movie showing – dressing up is the name of the game. This isn’t a regular movie date, it’s time to show out! So, to get ya inspired, check the looks below: (click the pic for shopping info)

#WhatToWear: #BlackPanther and Chill

Everyone may think to go straight Kente cloth skirts and shirts for the big day, but I’m all about mixing styles. Add elements of African apparel to you look while supporting black designers, like this Black Panther clutch from Kashmir VIII. This look adds a militant appeal sporty chic!

#WhatToWear: All #BlackPanther Everything

The next look borrows heavily from the actual Black Panther Party. You know I live for an all-black look, so what better way to flaunt it than at a Black Panther movie screening. Plus, this look is super comfy for a 2hr movie event. Cute, militant, and black – seems like a good look to me!

#WhatToWear: #BlackPanther Royalty

This look is for those who love to go all out! Bring the African inspiration to the theater. This menswear inspired African print shirt pares well with jeans and these amazing gold boots. The gold accents are a nod to the African continent and their rich resources!

#WhatToWear: #BlackPanther Bae

The last look is for the guy in your life. I mean really, I expect all the men to show out for the Black Panther screening. This look adds a bit of comic book appeal and African-American inspiration. I mean, it is Black History month! This kente kufi adds that 80’s nostalgia to present day looks. Add a bit of continental gemstones and feel like a king on the carpet.

Let me know, in the comment section, what you’ll be wearing to the show! Who you goint with? Let me know!

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