MY LIFE: One Month Fitness Update

Last month, I restarted my fitness journey. To keep me accountable, I thought I’d share my monthly updates on the blog. Although I started a bit unsure of my journey, I’m happy to say we are on the right track and getting more for everyday! Below, I share details of my first four weeks of fitness.

At the Curves With Purpose Meet-Up

WEEK 1: I started off strong. I stuck to my meal plan, drank ALL the water, and worked out four times. Right now my workouts consist of walking. I find various trails around the city and clock in those miles. My current fave is the walking bridge at Wave Country. The challenge of week one was realizing I wasn’t getting enough protein. I was eating a good amount but my body needed more. So, I adjusted for week two adding more meat and protein substitutes. LOST 5lbs during week one.

WEEK 2: Now, this is when it started getting tough. My body was sore, but I felt strong. I also had a bunch of events to attend. I work at a place that serves fancy lunch all the time, so it’s always a struggle when you see the desserts on the table. I often attend blogger events that have lite bite and liquor too! Whew Lawd! So, I have to find a happy balance which includes never arriving anywhere STARVING and always making time to get in workouts before/after blogging events. LOST 5 lbs during week 2

WEEK 3: During week three I STRUGGLED! Life was very stressful and I’m an EMOTIONAL EATER! All I wanted was carbs. I tried my best to keep treats out of the house, but failed. Good thing, I kept up my workouts. I even hit a fitness goal of walking 3 miles in one session and breaking the 17min mile! LOST 1lb during week 3. Hoped to lose more, but those cookies got me!

WEEK 4: Learning from week 3, I got it together! I meal prepped this week and had way more success. I even added some HEALTHY sweet treats in the mix to help during stressful moments. I was on my cycle this week, but due to my new fitness routine, my cycle was amazingly kind. No cramps and very little bloating! Ok now! Although I didn’t work out 4x like I plan, I did work out twice. Also, celebrated a friend’s birthday BUT didn’t partake in birthday drinks. I had a cupcake though (it was a mini). Lost 2lbs this week.

So, I’ve lost 13lbs in ONE MONTH. Some would say that’s a lot, but I’m a big girl. The bigger you are in the beginning, the more you lose initially. I expect to level off and lose an average of 2lbs a week – which is healthy. The photo above is when I noticed that I’m actually losing weight. I’m not posing extra hard or trying to catch the right angle – so this is a true visual of what I look like today.

Next month challenges:

  • Adding MORE water – gotta get a gallon a day
  • More strength training
  • Less carbs
  • Lose 8lbs

Check back next month for another update. Follow me daily on Instagram. I update my instastory DAILY with photos of smoothies, my work out, and me being funny!

Are you on a fitness journey? What’s been your biggest struggle? Comment below.

3 thoughts on “MY LIFE: One Month Fitness Update

    1. I added more smoothies. I was just doing juices but the smoothies gave me more fiber and a bit more sweetness. Also dates. Also, dark chocolate. But I rationed that for REALLY stressful days.


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