Hello October: New Month, new website!

Happy October! Oh my, I’ve been reading all my friend’s posts on Instagram and everyone is surprised how quickly September went by. I agree! September flew by and now we are a couple weeks from the holiday season! Wow!

Since it’s officially Fall 2018 this is the perfect time to celebrate CHANGE! Have you noticed the change on the website? Yes! We got a nice lil upgrade!

Do you love it?

I’ve been thinking about changing the site for a while. After talking to several SEO experts and website mentors I knew it was time to update the site. I’m no longer JUST a ‘fashion blogger’ but I’m an online influencer that shares my life with the internet. The website needed to showcase all the ways I share online: my book, my brand partnerships, my style, and my life in Nashville.

Make sure to visit on your phone and on your computer, it’s gorgeous both ways.

So, what blog posts coming this month? I have another restaurant review, I’ll give you some tips for shopping for plus-size clothes on Amazon, and my annual HBCU homecoming post!

Tell me what you’d like to see on the site?

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