Pre-order my new book, ‘Dorian and Holly’

My new book, Dorian and Holly is available for pre-order on Amazon!

This time last year I released my first title, Jack and Ahlia! I couldn’t believe that I wrote a whole book and people are reading it! Thank you for your support! NO SPOILERS but Jack and Ahlia ended with a cliff hanger that left readers wanting more! Well, the wait is almost over. My new book Dorian and Holly, drops March 2019! You’ll get an update on chracters from my first book and explore the life and love of a new couple.

I’m so excited to continue this series with you. Just like Jack and Ahlia, you’ll get a playlist with this one too! Make sure to follow @FabglanceWrites on Instagram to get snippets of the new project, When you pre-order today, the book will be automatically delivered on your e-reader when it’s published! Thank you for your support!

Click the link to read Chapter 1 – ‘Come and See Me for Once’dandhcover

About the book: Dorian and Holly is the story of a couple drawn together by their intense differences. Holly is as independent is as a Webbie song: she got her own house, her own car, a good job, works hard and she’s the definition of a BAD broad. She’s been through a lot, but won’t let anything stop her. Until she meets Dorian. Dorian is handsome, young, successful, divorced, and ready to love again. A chance meeting at a best friend’s wedding leads Dorian and Holly on a journey to discover how to love each other when life swings difficult, delightful, and downright confusing. This is the much-awaited follow-up to the author’s highly rated title, ‘Jack and Ahlia’.

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