#BloggerLife: I gave up on newsletters!

Happy first day of summer good people! Getting back on the wagon of giving you a new blogpost every week and adding a special touch, sending out a newsletter as well.

Yes, I’m going back to sending my bi-weekly newsletter as a way of keeping in contact with my diverse group of readers. As a strategist, I preach consistency. As a blogger, I haven’t been very consistent. “‘fess it, and fix it!” is what my old boss used to say, so here I am confessing.

My confession: I didn’t care about my newsletter I only cared about Instagram.

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Yup, I tell my clients they need newsletters. I tell my blogger friends they needed newsletters. Shoot, I even critique newsletters I’ve received from other influencers. But my newsletter was collecting digital dust. Shame.

I stopped sending my newsletter because it became ANOTHER THING TO DO that wasn’t adding to my Instagram number. Yes, instagram has got us so caught up that we think it’s the ONLY place to push content, get views, and work with brands. Even me, on the road to 10,000 followers, decided that doing the HARDwork was too much. Building an email list that engages my readers and builds my influence – that was too much?? Shame.

So what changed? Well, I was doing a giveaway for my birthday – at the same time Instagram was doing some algorithm changes and fake account clean-up. For a week, my engagement dropped by 25%. That’s a huge dip, especially thinking about the time and effort put forth. My birthday giveaway lagged as lots of followers didn’t see my content. My sponsors were concerned they picked the wrong influencer. I was shook!

So, I opened up the ol’ newsletter app; I use Mailchimp. I sent out a newsletter letter that had a simple design, fun pics, to the point, with a ‘call to action’. Here’s what happened:

  • Of my 166 newsletter subscribers, 41% opened the newsletter!
  • 10% clicked on the links!
  • I received responses to my email asking questions about what I posted.
  • I gained new Instagram followers

Even better, the people who opened my newsletter were people who RARELY (or never) respond to Instagram posts, Facebook ads, or follow me on Twitter. Yet, now they were engaged and reading content. MIND. BLOWN.

In a huff I created a simple, quick read, that allowed long-time followers to engage with my content. I think it took me 15 mins to write the newsletter. Wow!

Have you given up on your blog newsletter/email list?

Let’s get back on the wagon together! I know Instagram Engagement is important but so is making sure your content is being seen by a diverse group of followers and fans.

So many people miss out on your hard work because you don’t promote yourself effectively. I’m talking to myself. As bloggers, we spend so much money & time doing this passion. Make sure it’s being seen and consumed.

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2 thoughts on “#BloggerLife: I gave up on newsletters!

  1. I have wanted to give up on newsletters 😂Its definitely one more thing to do! But have seen the benefits so I keep pushing! How do sign up for your letter?


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