#15MinsofFAB: Staying in your lane! 

This week on the #15MinutesofFab Facebook Livestream I’ll be discussing: fashion, blogging, and staying in your lane. I’ve had so many people asking me, “How do you like blogging full-time? How have you found your niche?” 

Have you asked yourself these questions? Are you trying to start a style blog? Let’s talk about it! Leave your comments below and join me live on Facebook and Instagram. 

#15minutesofFAB – Staying in your lane

Every Monday, 6p CST, I jump on Facebook Live (then on Instagram) to discuss life, style, & blogging with my Fab Family! Tune in every week for a little slice of my life and some advice from an old lady in the game. Lol! I’ll answer your questions every week in a friendly chat. Let’s have fun! 

MOTIVATION: Where to start?

When you don’t know where to start, just go to a place you miss so much.” – Unknown

It might sound crazy to start a ‘Motivation’ piece with the topic of confusion, but some of my best motivating moments were born when I was most confused. After quitting my job, this summer has been all about confusion. When I thought I was on the right path, the universe sent me several curveballs. Basically, it ain’t that easy. 

It felt like I almost needed to start again. Then, I was blessed with this new website design, and my passion for blogging and telling my story was reignited. As the quote above suggests, I needed to go to the place I missed so much. For me, it was the blog. Just telling my story and using my words. 

When I started blogging, you didn’t have to have professional photos, know the latest in technology, or fight the machine that is instagram. Interest was organic and people were drawn to the simple story of your life. Whether you told that story through cooking, fashion, making music, or even bird whatching, there was an audience for you. Everyone had a lane.

Often, when I’m asked about starting a blog,  people point out the superficial: the free stuff, the photos, and the attention. Listen, it comes. But don’t let the pursuit of those things distract you from telling your story. There has to be a reason that you want to share your life with the world … and it need to be more than a free ticket to Disney Land. Find your lane, help your tribe. 

So that’s my suggestions for this week. Think about the place you miss so much (literally or figuratively). Why do you miss it? Why did you leave? How can you center yourself enough to share your story and help others? The motivation you need is found in clearing your path! 

Have a FAB week! 

#15minutesofFAB: How to dress well while losing weight

Hey guys! If you didn’t know I do a weekly Style Chat on Facebook Live called #15MinutesofFab. I take 15 (sometimes 30 minutes) to have a quick chat with my followers. It’s a great way to talk about personal style, answer questions, and offer advice. I had a ton of requests to make a post about each topic we discuss on Tuesday. So, of course, I had to oblige.

This week, we are talking about ‘Dressing Well, While Losing Weight‘. It’s a big question that troubles many as they start on their fitness journey. I’ve worked with clients who’ve lost a small and large amounts of weight, but haven’t let go of their OLD clothes. The biggest concerns are fear, cost, and confidence. How do you get over these real threats to your personal style:

  • Fear – It’s about the fear of GAINING the weight back after you’ve gotten rid of the clothes. My answer, ” . . . and WHAT IF you do?”. It will be hard to deal with, but I’m an advocate of looking your best NO MATTER your size. If, through life’s circumstances, you do gain the weight back, you’ll buy new clothes to help you feel good again. Most of the time, you want to wear your old clothes, anyway, so why hold on.
  • Cost – Really and TRULY, buying new clothes is hard on the wallet, especially if you feel like you are repeating yourself. Why buy new pair of pants, when I spent so much money on the one’s I’ve been wearing for the last year? It’s a question, but if those pants don’t look good anymore, why keep them? Often I tell my clients to set a clothing budget according to their expenses. Some people may only be able to afford one piece a month, others more. Also, invest in QUALITY apparel that can be tailored. That will def keep cost lower than buying a whole new wardrobe.
  • Confidence – This ties back into FEAR. You’ve worked hard for your new body, you have to get to a place where you are fine with showing the fruits of your labor. Some people don’t nbuy new clothes due to feeling like they still look fat (or big, or out of shape). While everyone is waiting for the debut of Ms. New Body! This is the time when you go get fitted for a look that you would have never worn. Sometimes bringing that new piece into the collection kicks off a whole new level of weight loss style.

Below, I’ve developed some looks to help you transition while you lose weight. Also, I’ll give you some tips for looking good, losing weight, and staying FAB!

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From GYM to DRINKS: As you are in you fitness journey you’ll realize you spend way more time in yoga pants or tights than you do in regular clothes. Investing in a good pair of fitness leggings, that can transition from day to night will help you feel FAB while you lose weight. Also, purchasing clothes that will grow (or shrink) with you helps you cost over time. Lots of looks are FITTED so you can still lose 10-20lbs without buying a replacement. Suggestions: black leggings, loose tanks, cotton tees, and great accessories

#WhatToWear: Losing weight, on the job

Work-wear Realness: It’s easy to transition from the gym to running errands on a saturday, while wearing your fitness look. BUt what happens when your WORK CLOTHES start looking baggy. You’ll find yourself feeling bad because you are losing weight, but not looking fly! Skirts are your best friend at this time. Actually, buying separates will help you feel fly on a dime. This pleated skirt with elstic waist can go the distance during your weight loss journey. Additionally fitted cotton tees and sweaters, will add some variety to your wardrobe. Suggestions: ribbed tees, cashmere sweaters, skirts and dress that can be tailored, and great accessories like belts & brooches.

#WhatToWear: Lose Weight, Look Cute

Show-Up and Show Out – You’ve finally conquered your fear of buying new clothes for your new body. Now it’s time to have fun! Try looks that you’ve been afraid to try: Bodycon dresses, luxury pieces, and fashion sneakers, are some of my fave ways to play with my new body proportions. I’m a fan of buying dresses I can wear day AND night with just a change of heels and bag.

So, I hope my tips can help you feel better about looking great WHILE losing weight. Don’t be afraid to purge that closet. You can even do a give away, thrift, consignment, or clothing swap, to help cut the costs of building a new wardrobe. Remember, be patient with yourself and your body. You didn’t build your current wardrobe in one day, and you have a lifetime to build a new one!

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