Behind the Scenes: #StyledbyFabglance

When I took my hiatus from the corporate world, it gave me more time to explore the world of Fabglance. When I started this blog, I wanted to do more than write about fashion. I wanted to teach people how to be more fashionable. It took a little while to get started, but over the years I’ve styled models, local celebs, and working women. I just want women to feel amazing.

This summer, I was hired to style a new client, Jasmine. She turned 40 and wanted to WOW her friends and family. She trusted Fabglance to do the job. But I knew I had to do more than a quick mall run. I bought in Dewayne Richards, aka Dr. Beauty, for hair and makeup. Listen, the man is genius and can SLAY some hair and makeup. Then, I called Patrick Webster, one of my favorite photographers. Together, we gave Jasmine an amazing birthday photo shoot.


Oh yeah, can’t forget using local boutiques to style our FAB FORTY year old. The sequin dress came from Limonada Couture and her business professional look came from Runway Boutique. My goal is to use as many local retailers and entrepreneurs as possible. I am proud to say that this entire job was Nashville based.


Needless to say, the shoot went well. Jasmine was so pleased with her looks and the experience. I was pleased that my client was happy. Styled by Fabglance hit it out the park!

Do you wanna get Styled by Fabglance? In 2018, I’ll offer Complete Style Packages on my sales page. Right now, I’m doing my Closet Reorganization services. Click here to book a style session today.


REVIEW: High Tea and Healing at the NEW Thistle Farms Cafe

Last week, the wonderful staff at Thistle Farms invited me to enjoy high tea and learn more about their newly renovated restaurant. I was so excited to dine with the team, learn more about the organization, and drink fancy tea! Before we get into it, I just need y’all to go ahead book your girl’s lunch at The Cafe at Thistle Farms. It’s sure to become a popular lunch spot! Let me tell you more:


Thistle Farms is an organization that supports, empowers, and employs women who are survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. The organization allows women to stay in their facility for up to two years. Residents and graduates of the residential program are employed in one of the divisions of our diverse social enterprise, including a natural body and home product company, the Café at Thistle Farms, the Studios, and Thistle Farms Global. It’s great to know that every bite you take at the cafe is helping a woman find a new life. 

In addition to the wonderful tea and treats we were given a tour of Thistle Farms NEW factory where they make their candles and body products. Walking through the halls smelled like heaven, and knowing that every purchase helps is even better. Thistle Farms is making a global impact by partnering with worldwide organizations that help women find a better quality of life. In addition, you can find the Wonder products at Whole Foods, nationwide. 

Guests were given one of Thistle Farms soy candles. We were reminded that each time we light the candle we are lighting the way home for a woman in need! That’s more than enough reason to support this amazing organization.

So, make Thistle Farms Cafe your next lunch time spot. They also have space available for meetings, events, and corporate retreats. 

VLOG | Nashville Parade of Homes 2017

Last week, I was invited by California Closets Nashville as a VIP Guest to the Nashville Parade of Homes! The Parade of Homes is an annual event that allows guests to see the latest home design trends created by the regions best builders and interior designers. California Closets created a $45,000 closet for one of the homes, and were the first to view the creation. Y’all! These homes were more than amazing. They were dream-worthy.

The tour definitely gave me some GOALS to think about. I want to build a home so that I can host my friends and family. The Nashville Parade of Homes introduced me to interior design trends I hadn’t seen before: Bunk rooms, Digital Spaces, and Embroidered Walls! Can someone just give me one of these houses, fully furnished? No? I gotta work for it? UGH!

Well, take a look at my Million Dollar Home Tour VLOG from last week’s visit. Make sure to comment, share, and subscribe if you haven’t!


Nashville Life: Visit the Murals on Jefferson Street

Nashville has become the ‘it’ destination of the south; from hipsters to entrepreneurs, Nashville is gaining new residents everyday. We have professional sports, a huge convention center, upcoming and improved neighborhoods, and brand new street art. I decided to take a walking tour of one of Nashville’s most historic neighborhoods to view the newest addition to the Nashville mural scene. The Historic Jefferson Street Murals are more than visual fodder or pretty presentations, the Jefferson Street murals are filled with the history that makes this city amazing. Take a look below to view the amazing art available in our city:

This amazing mural is on the side of the Pride of Tennessee Elks Lounge on Jefferson Street. Nashville’s tourists tend to think that the reason Nashville is called ‘Music City’ is because of the country music scene. That’s not true! Music City got it’s name from the music scene that started on Jefferson Street, specifically at Fisk University. This beautiful mural celebrates the jazz & blues scene that was prevalent on Jefferson Street. This mural is huge; I can look at it all day. I love the vibrant colors and the large scale.

The Elks Lounge mural is more than 30 feet long and showcases more than the blue’s guitar players, the mural trails off to a visual choir of musicians and singers that have passed away. Such a great visual representation of Nashville’s musical history.


The next mural on the Jefferson Street trail is the R&B mural painted by Thaxton Abshalom Walter, owner of the Art History Class Lifestyle Lounge &a Gallery. This electrifying mural is a homage to the crooners who make music mesmerizing. The piece features Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and others.


The most amazing piece on the Jefferson Street mural tour is one of the most amazing large scale pieces. This one, I like to call “The History of Jefferson” features seven panels across the corridors of the Jefferson Street underpass. It’s really a great area, completely re-developed unused urban thruway now a monument to the city’s Black History and the Civil Rights movements in the city.


So, I hope you take a walk down one of Nashville’s most historic pathways. The vibrant art and bold stories will make you more proud of the city than you’ve ever been. It’s always important to remember the contributions of Black Americans through our history. With so many black men and women being unlawfully shot by police, it’s easy to get caught up in rhetoric and forget the beauty. Don’t forget the beauty.