MOTIVATION: I know why I’m NOT successful

I’m not successful and I know why! And you’re not successful either, so let’s talk about it. I’ve been a blogger for NINE years, NINE! You’d think, within two years, I should be riding high on that sweet delicious blog money! I should have all the high-dollar collabs, photos popping, getting sent out to amazing destinations, and not giving the sad face to my skeptical bank account. But, in my new quest to get ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS I realized my behaviors have definitely stopped me from being farther in the game than I should be. And, because I want to help you do better in your endeavors, I thought I’d bring you along for the ride. Here’s the FIVE reasons why I’m not successful:

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#NashvilleCurves presents, Melissa, the creator of Nashville Curves!

Before we get this profile started, I must say “Thank You!” to everyone who viewed, shared, and commented on the #NashvilleCurves campaign! Each woman shared an amazing part of themselves. Besides putting on a bathing suit, they shared parts of their struggle and parts of their hearts. I truly appreciate their transparency! Make sure to read about Kimmy, Nora, Kearsten, and DD; leave some comments on their posts.

So, I’m gonna answer some of the questions I asked the other ladies in their profiles. And, I’m gonna answer some questions I’ve received about the #NashvilleCurves campaign and our upcoming Plus-Size Meet-Up! Let’s go!

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Melissa Watkins - FABGLANCE

MY STYLE: Do It Afraid!

Hola Fab Family! Welcome! Stretch out and walk around; do you see anything you like? Why, yes, yes we do have a new site design! And is it FABULOUS! The whole experience is a metaphor in how my life is going right now: DO IT, DO IT AFRAID, You’ll be ok! So this week’s MY STYLE post is all about how, even with fear you can do something fab!

For the last year I have been lamenting on how to make FABGLANCE.COM more fabulous. Truth be told, my coins are limited and all the great web designers I called, wanted BIG BUCKS (no whammies).  I tried to redo the design on my own, but my mind would freeze. I didn’t have the patience to take eight years worth of content to a new spot. If  you blog, you know that migrating content is a coin toss. You could lose EVERYTHING, jack up your analytics, and/or end up killing everyone around you.

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Night at the Frist Museum with URBAANITE!

You guys already know how much I LOVE the Frist Museum. Last month, I shot some amazing looks using the Frist as a backdrop for my stories. This month, I was happy to be invited to a ‘Girls Night Out’ event sponsored by Urbaanite.  We had exclusive access to two of the museum’s most amazing exhibits: The Irving Penn Photography exhibit and the Secrets of … Continue reading Night at the Frist Museum with URBAANITE!

Celebrating National Picnic Day with my Blogger Besties!

Blogger friends: Passports & Grub, Kay Elle, Wine’ing Momma, and Lia Went Where According to the internet, it’s National Picnic Day! I don’t know who comes up with these fun social celebrations, but I’m always happy for a reason to celebrate (and take pictures!). When I received an invitation to an impromptu picnic from my blogger friend, Malia of Lia Went Where, I was so … Continue reading Celebrating National Picnic Day with my Blogger Besties!

MY STYLE: Turning a side-hustle into a career, fashionably!

If you are a regular reader and you follow me on social media, you know that blogging is my side-hustle. Yes, I know it seems like I’m always blogging, or hosting a class, taking photos, or attending an event. But y’all, I really have a FULL-TIME corporate job! Many days I have to dress for a 12hr day. I may not get back to my … Continue reading MY STYLE: Turning a side-hustle into a career, fashionably!

FEATURED: Talking FAB on The Perfect Little Life

I love partnering with other bloggers, especially Nashville bloggers. So, when Abbey, from The Perfect Little Life, contacted me to be featured on her blog I was so excited. Y’all, she follows me on snapchat and STILL thinks I’m worthy of a feature (b/c I’m crazy ridiculous on Snapchat). So, go see my feature on The Perfect Little Life. I talk about my favorite snacks, … Continue reading FEATURED: Talking FAB on The Perfect Little Life

SIGN-UP: How To Blog – The Basics

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for almost TEN YEARS! When I started this little site, I just wanted a place to put my knowledge & opinions about fashion. Each year, this blog has changed: become more personal, worked with businesses, and even helped more people. It was just a matter of time before I decided to teach blogging to others. Now, I … Continue reading SIGN-UP: How To Blog – The Basics