Last month, the team at FORM Beauty selected me to become a product ambassador. I was so excited to try these products because I’ve only heard amazing reviews. At the same time, I was hesitant because the Form Beauty system is kinda expensive – and that’s been the biggest complaint. However, the following review will help you understand why Form Beauty is a good deal. Yes, it’s a great deal! Let go!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.18.22 AM


When I was asked to be an ambassador, the first thing the team wanted me to do was take a survey to assess which Form products would work best with my hair type AND my hair routine. Many of you know I run the natural hair blog, Natural in Nashville (currently on hiatus), so I’m used to trying products that make big promises with no return. I love my natural hair but I hate that it gets SO dry, tangles easily, and shrinks as soon as I hit a piece of humidity. For those concerns, I tend to keep my hair in braids and protective crochet styles.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.19.57 AM


After I took the 10 minute survey, I was presented with a list of Form Beauty products specialized for my hair type and situation.  Even though I love my cute curls, I’m a braid girl all day. Give me some bundles or some crochet and I’m ready! The key to being someone who wears weave and braids often is to make sure your hair is healthy UNDERNEATH your installation. If you get scared to take out your weave because your hair looks like ‘who did it and what for’ then you are doing natural hair ALL WRONG.


My first package from the Form Beauty team included the TWIST Styling Cream ($29) and the Multitask Leave-In Lotion ($32). I was immediately attracted to the Leave-In lotion. It’s a lotion in a specialized spray bottle. The product comes out in a fine mist so it distributes amazingly well. When I used it on my hair I was instantly in love. The smell of the Form Beauty products is amazing. The found the perfect balance … not floral but not heavy. If your guy has longer hair, he could use it too and not smell like a florist shop.

The next week I was ready to take the plunge. I washed, conditioned and then I blow dried my hair. I used the Twist Styling Creme to do a two-strand twist. Y’all! It came out so bomb! But the real test is if I could get SECOND DAY hair!


Second Day Hair! Yup! It passed the second day hair test! My hair was super moisturized, not greasy, kept its shape and felt so soft. I used a couple pumps of the leave in, to separate yesterday’s coils and wah-la! My hair was ready to rock. I’m totally in love with this styling system and I can’t wait to try the cleansers and conditioners.

So, are the Form Beauty products worth the cost? Albeit, they are expensive, it’s a QUALITY product. Also, my hair is about shoulder length now, but it’s thick. So, I didn’t have to use as much product to get the best results. Also, they have a subscription service and the product is available in Sephora. So, you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of wash day. Oh yeah, and it’s a BLACK OWNED company! Yes! That’s the most exciting part. A black owned company working hard to help women with textured hair! I’m excited to support.


So, would you try FORM Beauty? Have you tried it? What’s your thoughts? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Oh yeah, I got a video coming soon on how I achieved my up-do! You know I go you!

Divatress Wigs are great for a Spring change!

Spring is here and it’s a great time to update your look. I was contacted by the fine folks at Divatress to review their cute wigs. You know, I love a good wig. It’s a great way to try something new without all the commitment. And, if you’re like me, you aren’t trying cut & color your hair, but you want the change. So, check out the Zury collection of Divatress wigs.

These lightweight, easy to style, and affordable wigs will definitely update your spring look and have everyone talking. Number one reason I love this retailer, THE PRICE! You can play around with different styles, and still stay on budget. That’s all I needed to see. Below, I spotlight three of my favorite wigs from the Zury collection. I’m sure you’ll see me rocking one of these looks in the next couple of weeks. Let’s get started:

SLAY Lacefront Anka Wig – 31.95

When I think of a fun wig, my mind automatically goes to a fun color! This Lacefront, middle-part wig, with rose-gold ombre is so daring and super cute for spring. My natural hair is too sensitive for extreme color, but this is the perfect way for me to experiment with length and color without jacking up my situation.

Naturali Star Ronda Wig – 32.95
If you aren’t ready to try color, but want a bit more fun, this curly, yet romantic look is just for you. It comes in a natural colors, and can be  blended into you hair. Just a slight change with a big outcome. Hit the link and you’ll see they have some fun color combos if you’re willing to take the risk.
Sis DIVA Kayla Wig – 29.95

This one is for my ladies who want to make an extreme change without the extreme commitment. Never had a short cut before, never tried an out-the-box color – this wig is for YOU! Take this baby on vacation and have fun as your alter-ego!

Which wig would you rock? Let me know in the comments section! H

HAve you tried Zury Wigs? What your review?

MY STYLE: New HAIR with Private Label Extensions

Hair installed by Unique J

Last month, I was contacted by Private Label Extensions to try out their hair extensions. As someone who loves to change their look, I was more than happy to try out their product. Changing my look with hair extensions and wigs is my specialty – it makes me feel like a new woman. Plus, it’s good to give my curls a rest with a protective style like hair extensions.

Private Label Extensions is a wholesale hair supplier that helps stylists and salons purchase high-end hair for their clients. Hair extensions are a hot commodity in the style community. Like, I said before, hair extensions are a great way to change your look without destroying your natural hair. Women everywhere have used hair extensions and clip-ins to help transform themselves. This company provides clients with quality hair at amazing prices. In addition to the kinky-curly texture, shown below, the company provides several curl patterns and colors to serve the most particular client.

When I received my hair, I was so impressed by the quality. The hair was dense on the weft and the curls were voluminous. I couldn’t wait to call my stylist to set up the installation. I’ve had alot of hair installations in my life and I can say this hair is some of the best. When my stylist, Unique, saw the hair she was highly impressed. She remarked that the hair was easy to work with and laid nicely on the track.

I’m so happy to have collaborated with Private Label Extensions. If you are a salon owner or stylist, I encourage you to try the company. The hair is high quality, long lasting, and thick. The company provides step-by-step instructions for branding you new hair business, shipping to clients, and even opportunities to partner with the brand. Make sure you give Private Label Extensions a try.

*this is a sponsored post. review was given truthfully with honest review*

MY LIFE: Tales of the $20 Wig

The wig is too fly to keep to myself. Get you one HERE

I’ve always liked trying new styles, hence why I run a fashion & lifestyle blog! Duh! So, when I started to get the itch to cut my hair, my home-girl suggested we go wig shopping. Oh snap! We found this wig and it was on like popcorn (ok let me stop). Let’s get into the details:

(links used are Amazon affiliate links, but girl, get your shopping ON!)

Y’all, this wig the PERFECT departure from my usual big curly hair. I used to wear my hair cut like this back in 2009. That was when I had a relaxer. But, when I started my natural hair journey, I couldn’t achieve this straight look. Rocking a wig give your natural hair a rest, and allows you to try different styles without commitment.

Y’all know I had to do an impromptu photoshoot

Also, the wig game has STEPPED UP. Everyone thought I cut and colored by real hair. This wig is very lightweight and cool. If your head is too small or too big, don’t fret, this wig is adjustable. It comes in 4 different colors (natural black, blonde highlights, green highlights, and purple highlights). The wig is synthetic. I would recommend you purchasing a wig cap to further protect your hair and give you some traction so your wig doesn’t slip.

Shout out to FreeTress for their amazing synthetic and AFFORDABLE wigs. And thanks to Amazon prime, for that overnight delivery! It feels good to try something new when the price is easy on your pockets.

Made my brother join in on the fun, LOL!

So, I recommend that you take a tour of the Freetress, synthetic wigs, on Amazon’s site. Get you one for the weekend! Try something different, even if it’s just temporary. It’s allays fun, to have a little fun. Do you do the wig life? Let me know in the comment’s section!

CLICK HERE to purchase this WIG!

FAB FAVES: Creme of Nature Argan Oil products

This week’s FAB FAVE is one I’m super excited about. I’ve been a Creme of Nature user for a long time. So, when the ladies at Creme of Nature reached out to me to try their updated & improved Argan Oil products. I already loved their Argan Oil leave-in spray and edge control, but I never got a chance to try the WHOLE line. Below, I show you my results. I gotta say, I love the products!

I usually reserve hair care reviews for Natural in Nashville posts, but since NIN is on hiatus, I thought you all wouldn’t mind. For my new readers, I have ‘natural hair’. Which means my hair doesn’t have any chemical straighteners or colors. My hair is EXTREMELY curly –  I have super tight curls. I decided to use the Creme of Nature product to give my curls some definition.

The cool thing about Creme of Nature’s improved Argan Oil line is the color-coded style guide. Each product has a special color code to help you distinguish which product would work best for your curl type. What I like most about this product is how it smells! OMG! My hair smelled so good after washing & conditioning. Second best is the the shine & softness – my 4B hair loved this product. I’d definitely say give it a try.

**this was a sponsored post. all opinions are true and purely mine**

EVENT REVIEW: Natural in Nashville’s NINmeetup

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but my duties at Natural in Nashville kinda took over my life! Natural in Nashville is a natural hair and lifestyle blog I created. The blog has been around for about 3 years and this was out first major event. We had our natural hair meetup on Sunday and it went wonderfully! There’s a gang of pictures on Instagram (@NaturalinNash). So, make your way over there.

A natural hair meet-up is a time for women (usually women of color) to get together and discuss hair! Traditionally, black and Latino women would use chemical processes to straighten their hair, but now, there’s a major movement to encourage women to stop using harsh chemical straighteners in their hair. Various studies suggest the chemical straighteners are linked to high amounts of fibroid tumors and other health issues (source).

That’s one of the reasons why Natural in Nashville is so important to me. Of course, with both sites (Fab Glance and Natural in Nashville) my number one aim is to help women feel good about themselves. Whether it’s the clothes they wear or how they style their hair, all women should feel confident. The confidence factor was quite evident at the meet-up on Sunday. Plenty of attendants came to me and said they loved the solidarity of sisterhood in the room. I loved it! 

CelebStyle: Beyonce gets ANOTHER fab haircut!

So last week Beyonce debuted a new short pixie cut. The fans were 50/50 on the new short look – some loved it, some hated it. I was just happy that she tried something new. The word in the street was that her hair wasn’t cut it was just a wig. Either way, seems as though Queen Bey wasn’t happy either because she debuted a NEW NEW style at a concert yesterday.

Beyonce is now rocking a sleek asymmetrical bob cut. Now this, this I LOOOVE! This length and cut suits her much better. The color works better too. Beyonce shows us that even the most fly can make a couple of style mistakes. 
You loving this new NEW look?   

Celeb Style: Beyonce debuts new short pixie cut

Just as I was about to close my eyes, I decided to hop on Instagram. To my surprise I find 3 photos of Beyonce with SHORT HAIR! What!??

I guess the Queen wanted to switch it up! Makes sense. She just finished the first leg of her world tour – what a great time to debut a new look while you prepare a new show. 

Are we loving Beyonce’s new look? Seems like short is the way to go this summer. Does this mean the end If the glorious Beyonce weave!? Only time will tell. But hey, I’m feeling it! 

  Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Instagram. 

CELEB STYLE: Rihanna gets ICE GREY hair for 2013

Hate her or love her – Rihanna is a style icon. She switches the game every so often and the crowd foes wild! Last night, via instagram, Rihanna gave her fans a sneak peek of her new GREY hair.

Rihanna goes from blond bombshell to grey ice princess

The once blond popstar posted three pics of her new hair – complete with side shave and long steel grey extensions. Rihanna posted, “GREY is the new BLACK!” Hmm, are you feeling Ri-Ri’s new look. I have to admit, I’m kinda like it. Uh-oh, I see a Fall 2013 trend coming!

Of course, my favorite Rihanna look will ALWAYS be the short, jet-black, pixie cut. However, Rihanna, always encourages changing up your look and forgetting what the haters have to say.

EVENT: Music City Naturals – Natural Hair Event, May 11

If you have natural hair or want to learn more about the movement – you need to be at this event. Natural in Nashville and Nash Naturals of Facebook are hosting the Music City Natural Natural Hair Event, Saturday May 11, 2p -6p. Click here to purchase tix.

What is ‘The Natural Hair Movement’? Well, in the African-American community, many women struggle to maintain their haircare routines because our hair is commonly tightly curled and prone to various environmental factors that prohibit hair growth. Many women lean on harsh chemical treatments, commonly called ‘relaxers’ to help their hair stay straight. The natural hair movement came about to aid women to in staying away from such treatments and learn to embrace their hair.

Now, there are clubs, websites, and product developments all aimed at helping women of color feel more beautiful. Natural in Nashville is one of the outlets that encourages women to embrace their natural hair. When you come to the event, you’ll get a chance to meet local/national vendors, panel discussion, product demonstrations, and info sharing – with music and refreshments. This is a great time to come and learn about new products and services available in Middle Tennessee. Hope to see you there!