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MY STYLE: Fashion and Fat Arms

I know this is a weird title for an Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) post but I thought I’d address some stuff as it pertains to fashion and fatness. A couple of months ago I posted the look I wore for the Nashville Symphony Ball. As always, I post my looks on my instagram and wait for the likes and comments to roll in. Usually, my comments thread is pretty positive. But as the popularity grows, I see new followers and new commentary. On this day, when I posted my symphony story, someone made a snide comment about my fat arms.

Initially, I was a bit shocked. Like I said, I hadn’t received negative comments on my photos. That day was a different day – two girls were having a field day in my comments, talking about my fat arms. I was shocked. Then, I thought, “people are so used to plus-size women covering up!”  EVEN in this day of plus-size model Tess Holiday, getting national and international modeling jobs, people still feel ‘some kinda way’ about big women being okay with her big-ness. Truthfully, I used to feel the same way . . .

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#OOTD: Sparkle Summer Party

#OOTD: Sparkle Summer Party by fabglance featuring white earrings Alice Olivia short sleeve top$425 – Valentino tulle skirt$7,730 – René Caovilla ankle strap flat$450 – Yves Saint Laurent shoulder handbag$1,055 – Kate Spade white Bead Urban Decay lipstick$20 – Continue reading #OOTD: Sparkle Summer Party

MY STYLE: Bring it back around . . .

Hi, my name is Melissa and I repeat clothes! Whew! I’m so happy to let you know that. Nah, but for real, it’s okay to repeat clothes. Don’t let social media fool you, us fashion bloggers find new looks to rock every week, but between posts – we rock the same stuff. Let me tell you about the remix . . . Dress & Shoes: … Continue reading MY STYLE: Bring it back around . . .

My Style: Wait … what is my style?!?

This is the first ‘My Style’ post for 2016. It’s not flashy nor exciting – it’s filled with questions. I’ve been doing these OOTD posts for almost two years. I’ve had some hits and some ‘oh, ok, that’s cute’ situations. Like, I have friends who tell me my look is #goals. For that, I’m thankful. But I still don’t feel like I’ve hit the pinnacle … Continue reading My Style: Wait … what is my style?!?