Hello June: The Art of Asking for Help

It’s June! My favorite month of the year! Why? It’s my birthday month! This month I’m exploring the art of asking for help. It’s truly an art to figure out the things you NEED then researching places/people to ask for help. You may get rejected, but at least you tried. This is not about begging, this is about strategic moves to improve your life outcomes. It’s scary, but worth it. Continue reading “Hello June: The Art of Asking for Help”

MY STYLE: One last white dress for the season

I’ve been blogging for like 17 million years, so I have about 49,000 posts about Wearing White After Labor Day. So, when I realized I hadn’t worn this CUTE dress from Ashley Stewart, it inspired me to write about the topic again. So, are we or are we NOT wearing white after Labor Day? Let’s discuss.

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#ShowYourArms 2017 – A Review

Summer is coming to a close but I can’t let it leave without wrapping up my FAVORITE campaign! The #ShowYourArms campaign was amazing for a second year in a row.As you know, the #ShowYourArms campaign is an online photo tagging campaign that was created to celebrate body positivity. The simple act of showing your arms (wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress) is one step to celebrate the body that you have right now. Sharing your body positive photo online can only help your other women feel more confident too!

#ShowYourArms | FABGLANCE

This year I wanted to have more than 1000 tags. We didn’t quite reach that goal, but I was excited to receive the support of a some of the TOP Plus Size Blogger in the game including Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista,   Cece Olisa the Founder of Curvy Con, Ty Alexander of Gorgeous In Grey , and Amber from Stye Plus Curves. Asking these ladies to join the movement was so scary for me to do. Everyone hates rejection! But they happily said yes, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

On top of that, so many readers from across the globe tagged their photos on Instagram and joined the movement! From Paris, to Holland, to right here in Nashville, everyday I saw new photos being tagged with the #ShowYourArms tag! This year we had 400 tags! Wow! And, when I attended the #TCFStyleExpo, I had so many ladies come to me saying how they were proud of the campaign.

So, THANK YOU! Thank you for participating, spreading the word, standing in solidarity, and being confident. Next year, oh, I got plans! We WILL hit the 1000 tag mark! But more importantly, we will set more women free to love the body they have, fat arms and all!

Have you joined the #ShowYourArms Squad? 

The #ShowYourArms squad is rolling DEEP for Summer 2017! Have you kept up worth the hashtag on Instagram? We are almost at 500 tags and that’s amazing. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support from the plus-size community and women in general.

You never know who’s struggling and who’s overcome their body image struggles. That’s why this campaign is not just for Plus-Size women, it’s for all women! So, check out the hashtag on all social media platforms and then, TAG YOUR PHOTOS! I want to see you #ShowYourArms this summer!

Follow me on Instagram to see this week’s new addictions to the #ShowYourArms squad!

HELLO AUGUST! What’s new on FabGlance?

Hello August! Hey girl, when did YOU get here? Seems like I was just wishing for warm weather, now I’m hoping the summer will stay around a bit longer. And it will, because I live in Tennessee. We won’t feel the chill of cool air until October. So, let’s just bask in the HOT glory! 

Anyway, what’s going on with Fabglance this month? Let’s see:

  • Thanks for your comments on the new blog layout! Please be patient as we are continuing to work out the bugs of migrating EIGHT YEARS worth of posts to a new server. Forgive me if a link doesn’t go where it’s supposed to go. 
  • The #NashvilleCurves Swimsuit Shoot will drop on August 14th! I gave you a sneakpeek yesterday and that’s not even 10% of the awesomeness we have on deck! Can’t wait for you to meet these ladies!
  • We have one month left for you to join the #ShowYourArms Squad! Just tag any pic on social media with the hashtag and help promote body positivity all summer! Photos are featured on my Instagram every Thursday and Friday! 

  • Did you know that ASHLEY STEWART, one of the country’s top plus-size retailers is coming to NASHVILLE! They are bringing their model search & fashion show to the Mall at Green Hills on August 12th! I’m a VIP correspondent for the event so you know I’ll keep you posted on the amazingness! I better see you there! CLICK HERE to RSVP
  • I have a couple collaborations this month! I’m most excited about my partnership with BrewPass! Brewpass is a coffee service that allows you to save money if you buy coffee EVERYDAY! For a monthly fee you can get as much coffee as you’d like, from local coffee shops. You know I have a coupon code for you! Use the code ‘FABLOVESCOFFEE‘ to get $10 off membership or off an a la carte item!
  • Oh yeah, BE MY GUEST, is coming back! There are some great music events at City Winery that I’ll have tix for! Make sure to sign-up for my newsletter to get details on free shows! 

That’s about it … for right now! New posts go up weekly, check back daily for fun fashion info. What are you doing this month? Let’s talk about it on the comments section! 

MY STYLE: Fashion and Fat Arms

I know this is a weird title for an Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) post but I thought I’d address some stuff as it pertains to fashion and fatness. A couple of months ago I posted the look I wore for the Nashville Symphony Ball. As always, I post my looks on my instagram and wait for the likes and comments to roll in. Usually, my comments thread is pretty positive. But as the popularity grows, I see new followers and new commentary. On this day, when I posted my symphony story, someone made a snide comment about my fat arms.

Initially, I was a bit shocked. Like I said, I hadn’t received negative comments on my photos. That day was a different day – two girls were having a field day in my comments, talking about my fat arms. I was shocked. Then, I thought, “people are so used to plus-size women covering up!”  EVEN in this day of plus-size model Tess Holiday, getting national and international modeling jobs, people still feel ‘some kinda way’ about big women being okay with her big-ness. Truthfully, I used to feel the same way . . .

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#ShowYourArms Summer 2017

It’s official, summer is here. As a plus size lady, those words can be a bit nerve-wrecking. Gone are the chilly fall & winter days with their lovely layers and deceptive dress codes. It’s too hot to cover-up but some think you are too fat to show it off. Well, they are wrong! That’s why I decided to start the #SHOWYOURARMS campaign!
The #ShowYourArms campaign is about fashionable self-confidence during these warm summer months! Let go of that cardigan, cover-up, and jacket, just let your gorgeous arms show. I know, I know, you don’t have GUNS like Michelle Obama. I’m sure some of us would like a little less wiggle, forget the guns – and that’s OK! We are all works in progress. However, we have to stop letting those silly self-defeating thoughts dictate our comfort and fashion choices! SHOW YOUR ARMS!


I love you guys (my readers and social media followers). You always send me emails and messages about how encouraged you are by my fashion choices. Believe me, even I have second thoughts when I put on certain items, especially the ones that show my arms. I’ve had fat arms since I was a baby. My WHOLE family (even the slimmest of us) have chunky upper arms, it’s just genetics.
I used to cover my arms all the time. I lived in the northeast, so summer didn’t last as long. But now, living in Tennessee, I can’t EVEN deal with this heat. These babies had to come out!

After a couple of times wearing my arms out, I realized, THEY ARE JUST ARMS! If someone has a problem with my fat arms: 1) They’ve never come up to me to say something and 2) Who cares!? They are my arms, I do what I want! There was so much FREEDOM when I just let it go. Years of me telling myself my arms were too fat and too ugly to be seen, gone as I was able to embrace lovely fashions that made the WHOLE ME look great.
I want the same for you!

The goal of the #ShowYourArms campaign is:

  • Build self-esteem around the plus-size internet community
  • Generate stronger self-worth with women in general
  • Create an online community that increase awareness of plus-size fashion choices

Although this is targeted toward my plus-size family, I know several straight-sized women who have body image issues. Listen, women are routinely told that we aren’t ENOUGH. If you are straight-sized and want to #showyourarms, get in the game! Let’s all get free this summer!

Why should YOU #ShowYourArms this summer:

  • Show your arms because it’s HOT outside!
  • Show your arms because that outfit looks too fly to cover with a cardigan. Girl!
  • Show your arms because God gave them to you and they are too beautiful to keep a secret!
  • Show your arms because everyone else is doing it!
  • Show your arms because who told you to hide them?
  • Show your arms because they don’t want you to do it (MAJOR KEY!)
  • Show your arms because you’ll encourage another girl to do it too!
So, how can YOU participate? I got you! Check it out:
Tag your photos on Instagram & Facebook with #ShowYourArms
I’ll post those lovely ladies on my Instagram and Facebook feeds

Let’s let the world know that we are proud of our bodies, and we no longer feel the need to cover up!

Will you #ShowYourArms this summer?

#ShowYourArms was a Summer Success

This summer I start the #ShowYourArms campaign. Let me tell you it was one of the best ideas I created. Women around the country started sharing their photos and stories on Instagram. I received messages from women saying that they felt so liberated. I’m happy to have started this movement and I’m excited to see people continue to share their experiences. You better believe, next summer, the #ShowYourArms campaign will be better than ever.

Of course, the numbers don’t lie. Check out our stats:
400+ blog views (here & tumblr)
600+ LIKES (Facebook & Instragram)
240 Instagram tags
Tons of emails & loads of confidence built! I’d like to say, it was a success! 

Below, see the women I featured on my Instagram page. Make sure to check out the hashtag for even MORE photos. Thanks for sharing your fabulous summer!

#ShowYourArms Chic Look

#ShowYourArms Chic Look

On Wednesday, I started the #ShowYourArms campaign! The goal of this movement (yup I’m calling it a movement) is to encourage women to get more comfortable with their bodies. Having flabby, fat, or chunky arms seems to be a challenge for plus and straight sized women. I created this campaign to increase confidence, especially during this HOT summer months! (Dude, it’s supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend!)

This week’s outfit is all about the #ShowYourArms movement. I created this tank top (that I might start selling) as inspiration for this look. As you know, I love pairing high end items with more affordable items. TREND ALERT: Structured culottes are making a come back, and I’m here for it! Wearing a simple tank with a more polished pair of pants can take your chic level up to a 100% while making getting dressed much easier! I mean, two pieces and your are done, ready to start your day.

Give it a try. Find a cute tank, #showyourarms, and slay the day!

Would you rock this look? Let me know in the comments section!