#ShowYourArms - FABGLANCE

#ShowYourArms Summer 2017

It’s official, summer is here. As a plus size lady, those words can be a bit nerve-wrecking. Gone are the chilly fall & winter days with their lovely layers and deceptive dress codes. It’s too hot to cover-up but some think you are too fat to show it off. Well, they are wrong! That’s why I decided to start the #SHOWYOURARMS campaign! The #ShowYourArms campaign … Continue reading #ShowYourArms Summer 2017

#ShowYourArms was a Summer Success

This summer I start the #ShowYourArms campaign. Let me tell you it was one of the best ideas I created. Women around the country started sharing their photos and stories on Instagram. I received messages from women saying that they felt so liberated. I’m happy to have started this movement and I’m excited to see people continue to share their experiences. You better believe, next … Continue reading #ShowYourArms was a Summer Success

#ShowYourArms Chic Look

On Wednesday, I started the #ShowYourArms campaign! The goal of this movement (yup I’m calling it a movement) is to encourage women to get more comfortable with their bodies. Having flabby, fat, or chunky arms seems to be a challenge for plus and straight sized women. I created this campaign to increase confidence, especially during this HOT summer months! (Dude, it’s supposed to be 100 … Continue reading #ShowYourArms Chic Look