#WhatToWear: Summer Errands

#WhatToWear: Summer Errands
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When I saw these platform mules from Strategia, I knew I had to create a look! These mules are giving me UPDATED late 90’s vibes and I am HERE for it. I love a shoe that can give you a bit of height, but still be comfortable. So, I came up with this cute summer look to inspire you to run your errands in style!

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS end up running into someone I know (or someone I want to know better) when I’m looking busted and disgusted. So, I’ve been trying to make an effort to look a bit cuter when I’m out & about. I’m going to take my own advice, and find a similar look like the one above. You know I’ll post OOTD’s on my IG and on the blog!


#WhatToWear: Summer Vacation Cuteness

#WhatToWear: #FourthofJuly Fly!
‘I Love GOLD’, this look is all about a girl who love attention!

Right on time for this four day weekend, I had to give you some Summer Vacation outfit inspiration. I usually do a Fourth of July post, with a ‘red, white, and blue’ theme but I thought, “How cliche!” No fashionista I know would be THAT corny, but we do love adding elelments of the holiday in our otherwise cute looks. So, I decided to give you some non-traditional summer looks for your vacations and extended weekend trips.

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#WhatToWear: Summer #DayDate

This first look is casual and chic. I tried hate on the sudden Gucci love, but I LOVE these GG Marmont purses. I wanted show how you can rock a luxury bag with chill laid back accessories. And, y’all know how I love a New York Yankees fitted! I just think this look is so fly and fab.

#WhatToWear: Summer #DateNight

Maybe this post should be called, “I tried not to like it, but now I do” – LOL! But I tried not to fall into the whole ‘rose gold’ and ‘blush pink’ vibe, but it looks SO good! I pulled these pieces for a cute summer Date Night look and/or girls night out event. And yes, it’s another Gucci bag! But DOGGONE IT their PR company must be working overtime because I’m in love! Oh yeah, get into denim skirts, they are the JAM!

#WhattoWear: #summervacation swimsuit cute

This last look is for the pool. Well, brunch, then the pool. I’m loving the trend of embellished flats for the summer. Finally, we can take off the heels and still look cute. I’m telling you, get a pair of cute flats/slides, your feet will thank you.

So, I hope these outfits will help you look great this summer. Let me know how you will be spending your summer vacation.

HATE SHOPPING? Try Dia & Co, plus-size style in your mailbox!

#PlusSizeStyle: Spring looks with @DiaandCo

Did you know that there’s a style subscription service for PLUS-SIZE ladies? YES, it’s called Dia & Co! Let’s talk about it!

Personally, I love going shopping at the mall and trying on clothes, but I know so many women HATE IT! Plus-Size or not, there’s nothing worse than shopping all day and coming home with NOTHING! Dia & Co, takes the work out of shopping and allows you to be stylish!

This is a subscription service that allows YOU to try on looks at home. When you sign-up for Dia & Co, you’ll take a SHORT questionnaire that will identify your style. An online stylist will assemble your box and ship it to you right away! You can receive new boxes every two-three weeks, once a month, or every other month. Keep only the pieces you like, send back what you don’t. SIMPLE!

Another great thing about the Dia & Co website is the amazing lookbooks that help customers navigate new trends. Using inspiration from the Dia & Co lookbooks, I decided to take on this SPRING denim trend. Keeping it simple, I paired these distressed jeans from River Island with a simple white t-shirt and pastel jacket. Add some gold jewelry and you are ready to go!

Dia & Co has pieces similar to those shown above, plus many more. Customers can choose to have accessories added to their subscription box too. Did I mention, they go up to a size 32 and often send you pieces from TOP plus-size retailers. This is a good deal!

Let me know if you’ve tried Dia & Co, comment below. Also, what other style subscriptions do you use? Let’s talk about it!

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#WhatToWear: Graduation Day Style

#WhatToWear: #Graduation 2017 - Look 1
Simple Glam!

It’s that time of year, it’s GRADUATION TIME! Congratulations to all the graduates! You did your best (or you barely made it) either way, you are walking across that stage! Of course, I have some style inspiration for those of you asking, ‘What to Wear’ to the ceremony! As a personal stylist (hire me) I believe in planning your day, dressing for the occasion, and staying comfortable as you stay chic!

So, here are my TOP TIPS for Graduation Day Style. Of course, click any photo for shopping links. Let’s get started:

  1. Please steam your cap & gown before the big day. Nothing is worse that taking photos with those package wrinkles jacking up your style!
  2. Make sure your dress or skirt IS NOT longer than your graduation gown. During the ceremony, you want the focus to be on your cap & gown.
  3. For the ceremony, wear BLACK, closed toe pumps with your cap and gown. I know, sounds boring, BUT you’ll thank me when you get your photos back. It just looks more professional and perfect for the occasion. If you don’t wear black, stick to CLOSED TOE shoes, not sandals.
  4. Speaking of shoes, make sure you know WHERE the ceremony is taking place. Inside ceremonies are great because you can wear any type of heal you’d like. Outside affairs call for a block or a wedge heel so you won’t sink into the soil. Remember, you can change you shoes when at the restaurant!
  5. Now it’s time to show them your LOOK! Once you take the gown off for your party or family meal, it’s time to show them your style. You’ll see three looks I’ve selected are all about simple style, great for photos, and comfortable to wear all day.
  6. Short sleeves under your gown will help you stay super cool during the uber-long ceremonies (why can’t they just call YOUR name already!).


#WhatToWear: #Graduation - Look 3

I’m such a fan of a great circle skirt! If you follow me on the socials, you know I’m a skirt fanatic! This look is great for our prim & proper grads. Add this trendy and convenient Fujifilm Instax Mini camera to document the day. Don’t leave the photos in your cell phone! LOL!

#WhatToWear: #Graduation - Look 2

This look is for our artistic grads! Who said you can’t wear pants to graduation. I love these fancy-pants and fun shoes. This look takes you from graduation, to family dinner, to the night out with your friends!

I love these looks for the stage or for a day out with friends. Need some help finding your Graduation Day style, hire me as your personal stylist for the day. I’ll have you looking fly.

#Superbowl #OOTD – Go #Falcons!

#Superbowl #OOTD - Go #Falcons!
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Today, I shared some Super Bowl fashion tips in the Newsletter. Do you follow? Make sure you are subscribed, CLICK HERE. I usually send a newsletter every Wednesday, but I had to send a quick one out today. Oh yeah, have you entered the JORD Watch Contest? You can win a $100 gift card to use to buy your very own watch? Make sure you enter. Happy Super Bowl!

3 Ways to be #BestDressed in REAL Life!

#BestDressed Series
Some of my celeb faves: Rihanna, Beyonce, Lupita, Kourtney, Mindy, and Kerri

Have you noticed that every week we are bombarded with ‘Best Dressed’ celebs of Hollywood. Especially, NOW, during Awards Season, there are whole shows dedicated to who ran the Red Carpet. Whether you are looking at the latest gossip magazine, cruising through television stations, or scanning Instagram, you’ll see celebs being judged for what they wear. Honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming. We know they’re rich, some are talented (lol), but dang it ain’t fair that they have the money to buy all the latest fly stuff.

It’s easy to be BEST DRESSED when you have money, a style team (including hair, nails, and a trainer), and constant paparazzi documenting your every move. I have Personal Style clients who often ask me about tips to update their look. Basically, we all want to be voted BEST DRESSED at least once in our lives. I help my clients be the BEST DRESSED EVERYDAY and it’s not as hard as you think. Below, I give you some outfit inspo and quick tips to help you look your best with the stuff in your closet. Let’s get started:

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The #BestDressed Series: Winter Brunch

KEEP IT SIMPLE: My favorite celebs tend to keep it simple when they are photographed running errands. Sometimes, we tend to OVERTHINK a look. A great tip to help you not overthink is to stay in the same COLOR SCHEME. The look above features four signature items to create a comprehensive look. There doesn’t have to be a bunch of bells and whistles to make people think you have it all together. Just keep it simple, focus on statement pieces, and always feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

The #BestDressed Series: Primary Colors

PLAY WITH PATTERNS: After you’ve mastered the ‘Keep it Simple’ technique I listed above, start adding patterns to the mix. As you can see, we still have four pieces of clothing, but this look tells a story. When playing with patterns, use the thought process of staying in the SAME color scheme/anchor color (just like before). In this look, the anchoring color is BLACK with accents of  white and pops of red. Some wouldn’t have thought this graphic sweater would go with this printed skirt. Not true! Seeing color corresponding patterns matched up tricks your eyes into telling your brain to find that anchor color. Then it automatically makes sense.

The #BestDressed Series: Upgraded Errands

KEEP IT CASUAL:  Most of our days are spent going to work, running errands, and trying to ‘adult’ the best way we can. Some of us to don’t the liberty to get creative with work clothes, so focus on your casual wardrobe. Start wearing those t-shirts you’ve purchased from concerts and pair them with well-fitting jeans and a comfy sneaker or flat. It’s an INSTANT upgrade. Adding an interesting coat or jacket will level you up as well. Most people only see you during weekends, don’t run your errands looking like you just rolled out of bed.

So, those are three ways (and three looks) you can try to be BEST DRESSED in the real world. Still confused, purchase a 2-hr style session with me! Yes, girl, I can teach these steps in real life!

Oh yeah, sign up for the NEWSLETTER. Every week I give you motivation, style tips, and shopping deals! You missing out!

Loungewear vs. Pajamas? Let’s get comfy and stylish!

Loungewear vs. Pajamas?
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As a blogger, I get to work from home quite often. I try to get up and get dressed (knowing that I may not see anyone during the day), but I often end up in old shorts and a college tee. Even when I’m chilling on a weekend, I realized I need to step up my lounging game. I quickly realized, I don’t REALLY have lounge-wear. But I mean, what’s the difference between lounge-wear and pajamas? I mean, you wear them both when you’re at the house, right? What makes lounge-wear different. Do I need both? Am I doing this adult thing wrong? Let’s research!

Listen, Blanche Devereaux, had the lounge-wear game on LOCK! The Golden Girls taught us so many amazing lessons. When I went on this lounge-wear vs. pajamas journey, Blanche was the first person I thought of. When it was time to give Dorothy some advice about life, Blanche was ready. Clad in some silky lounge rob, you didn’t feel like she just rolled out of bed, but you knew she was comfortably available for a chit-chat. That’s what lounge-wear is all about.

What came first, pajamas or lounge-wear?

I think the confusion with lounge-wear vs. pajamas starts as a kid. “Get in your PJs”, is something I’m sure you’ve heard from your mom or dad. In the morning, you hop out of your sleeping clothes and into regular clothes. Kids don’t have loungewear, you just have pajamas. Why? Because kids are on the run and ready to go, adults . . . we like to chill.

I think most of us got into the lounge-wear when we became teenagers. Putting on lounge clothes  was just as much of a past time as kicking it with your girls. Still, for me, I wasn’t getting my lounge wear game on 100% as a teen. My family wasn’t a lounging family. Comfortable clothes can be lounge clothes and sleeping clothes.

Luxe Lounge Wear

I quickly realized . . .

DUH, pajamas are what you sleep in and lounge wear is what you don’t mind wearing while entertaining guests (if they happen to come over). Lounge wear is comfortable, easy to be transformed into a look to run errands, lightweight, and stylish. The biggest deal with lounge wear is that it give you a pulled-together look with instant nap-a-bility! LOL! Work on a quick document, prep dinner, and say hello to the neighbors, all while not looking like a homeless person.

So, what how will you step-up your lounge game? Let’s discuss in the comment’s section! Click the photos & links to start shopping. Let’s all get comfortable and stylish at the same time!